Kim Reaps Rewards After Missiles & Murders

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un talking in Capella Hotel, during the Singapore summit.

North Korea, roughly two weeks ago, test fired short-range missiles while criticizing the return of diminished U.S.-South Korea joint military operations. As MSN reports, they are also believed to have executed four officials by firing squad following the failed U.S.-North Korea summit. This past weekend, they test-fired new tactically guided missiles, further escalating their militaristic stance. Voice of America, the official U.S. Government international news agency, interprets the latest test as a direct threat to Seoul.

The United States government has effectively dismissed these actions by Kim Jong Un. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo smiled when asked about the executions, saying that “Just as President Trump gets to decide who his negotiators will be, Chairman Kim will get to make his own decisions who he asks to have these conversations.” President Trump was even more positive about the North Korean dictator:

Now Kim is being rewarded.

President Moon Jae-In of South Korea and President Trump had a 35 minute phone call on Tuesday, with North Korean policy a main topic of conversation. The White House did not issue a statement immediately following the call, which had the effect of limiting most American reporting on the subject. South Korean officials, however, were more forthcoming.

The Korea Times provided an English translation for statements by Ko Min-jung, the official press spokeswoman for the South Korean President.

“Trump told Moon Seoul’s plan to supply food products to North Korea comes in a timely fashion by adding the plan would be a positive measure,” Ko said.

She said the two leaders stayed together in responding to North Korea’s provocations in a “thoughtful manner.”

One of the pressures upon Kim Jong Un right now is a food shortage following an abysmal harvest season. The United Nations was asked by North Korea to assess the food situation within the country and was granted wide access to conduct research. Their conclusions, published on Friday, find that more than 10 million North Koreans are facing severe food shortages.

The response by South Korea, with the encouragement of the United States, is to provide food to North Korea. This will reduce some of the already limited pressure that can be brought to bear against Kim.

It is unarguably a humanitarian act to aid a starving populace despite what their leadership is doing, even when that populace is fanatically devoted to their leader. The United States under Trump, though, has no consistent history of favoring humanitarianism over foreign policy advantages; critical life-sustaining aid has been diminished both to refugees of Middle Eastern conflicts and to Central American nations, as part of efforts to force the countries to comply with American demands. The lack of any apparent desire to use such tactics against North Korea indicates that Trump does, in fact, like and appreciate Kim Jong Un… a situation which Kim continues to exploit.

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