Former White House Counsel Chief of Staff Reaches Agreement with House Judiciary Committee

Rep. Nadler Official Photo 2004. Photo by U.S. House Office of Photography.

The House Judiciary Committee announced on Monday, that the Committee has reached an agreement with former White House Counsel Don McGahn’s Chief of Staff, Annie Donaldson.

According to the announcement, the Committee, Donaldson, and the White House have agreed to the following.

  • Ms. Donaldson agrees to appear in person for testimony at a later time following November 1, 2019.
  • Ms. Donaldson will provide written answers to the Committee’s written questions within one week of receiving them. 
  • Ms. Donaldson will tell the Committee whether the White House provided White House documents to her and her counsel.
  • The White House must make any objections on a question-by-question basis as if Ms. Donaldson had appeared in person. 

As the Committee announcement explains Donaldson, who was subpoenaed to appear for a deposition that was set for June 24th, regarding her time in the White House, happens to be in her third trimester of pregnancy, which raises concerns of her ability to travel, and offer lengthy testimony.

Donaldson as The Washington Post notes, is of interest to the Judiciary Committee, because of the notes she took directly from McGahn, who told Special Counsel Robert Mueller, that President Trump directed him to have Mueller removed as Special Council, as explained in volume 2 of the Mueller Report.

House Judiciary Chairman Democrat Jerrold Nadler (NY) said in his statement, “We are happy to reach an agreement with Ms. Donaldson that secures her prompt response to the Committee’s questions while reserving the right of the Committee to call her in when she is again able to travel and testify,” he added, “Ms. Donaldson had a front row seat to many of the instances outlined in the Mueller Report dealing with President Trump’s alleged obstruction of justice and other abuses of power, which is why she is a key witness for the Committee in our ongoing work to hold the President, his associates, and members of his Administration accountable.”

As a reminder the Committee has also subpoenaed McGahn, who the White House blocked from testifying.

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