In Normandy for D-Day Commemoration, Trump says Mueller made ‘such a fool’ of himself

Donald Trump - Riding the Wrecking Ball. Image by DonkeyHotey.

Speaking to Fox News‘ Laura Ingraham in Normandy, President Trump said Mueller made “such a fool” of himself while making his only public statement on the special counsel’s probe into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. Trump is in Normandy to commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day.

With the American cemetery at Normandy behind him, Trump disparaged former Marine combat veteran and special counsel Robert Mueller when asked about the possibility of Mueller testifying in front of Congress. He said, “Let me tell you, he made such a fool out of himself, the last time she… because what people don’t report is the letter he had to do to straighten out his testimony because his testimony was wrong.”

According to Fox News, he was referring to Mueller’s suggestion that Trump was not charged with obstruction of justice because of the 1973 Nixon era Department of Justice policy stating a sitting president cannot be indicted.

President Trump continued, calling Speaker of the House Pelosi a “disaster” because she doesn’t talk about the letter of correction Mueller allegedly sent. He also presented a new nickname for Speaker Pelosi: “Nervous Nancy”. He stated Pelosi can do what she wants and opined that he believes the Democrats are in trouble.

At his press conference on May 29, Mueller resigned from the Department of Justice after completing his Russia probe and highlighted portions of his report in a nine minute statement. Pointing to the policy that states a sitting president cannot be indicted, he said, “Charging the president with a crime was not an option we could consider. If we had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said that.” He continued, “We concluded that we would not reach a determination one way or the other about whether the president committed a crime.”

Not only has Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller not sent a letter correcting anything but Attorney General Barr’s public conclusions but he also has not given any testimony on the Russia investigation. While Mueller has stated he does not wish to speak publicly on the matter, he is being asked to testify by Democratic members of Congress.

Politico reports that Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Jerrold Nadler, said today in a private meeting with Democratic leaders that he could issue a subpoena in two weeks for Mueller to testify in front of his committee if an agreement is not reached by then.

Fox News host Sean Hannity used his opening monologue on May 30 to talk about the “backtrack” Mueller was forced to make after his public statement via a joint statement with the DOJ. As a valued but unofficial adviser to the president, Hannity’s comments may be the source of the president’s comments today.

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