Diplomatic Nepotism For Brazil & US

Eduardo Bolsonaro, photo by Fabio Rodrigues Pozzebom of Agencia Brasil

Jair Bolsonaro, the Brazilian President, has been at the center of a variety of conflicts which fall outside of the boundaries of typical politics. These have ranged from being viciously stabbed while campaigning to saying that the Holocaust can be forgiven but not forgotten. He has a history of racist statements, told a Congresswoman that she “wasn’t worth raping”, and has encouraged widespread police shooting of criminals.

During his election cycle, his two main opponents were an aggressive communist/socialist and a politician who was in the middle of serving a prison term for rampant corruption. In a country with abundant resources and international trade ties that was nevertheless dealing with a massive problem with violent crime and poverty – both of which had increased under recent Socialist governments – he was able to win the Presidency.

Since his success, some of his more radical policy suggestions have been successfully fought in court. One of the many which have remained, a policy which is a positive development for relations between the two American continents, is the effort to strengthen ties with the United States.

To that end, he is proposing a new Brazilian ambassador to the United States: his son, Eduardo. Eduardo explains his qualifications:

“I’m president of the [congressional] foreign affairs commission. I did a foreign exchange program, and I fried hamburgers in the US,” he said.


The Rio Times reports in English on some stories by the most prominent Brazilian media source, Globo. Globo states that the expectation of Brazil is that if Eduardo is confirmed as Ambassador, the U.S. will install Donald Trump’s son Eric as the new Ambassador to Brazil. According to the stories, sources within the Brazilian government believe this will be the case because of statements by the campaign adviser to both Trump and Bolsonaro, Steve Bannon as well as by figures representing the U.S. government.

It is uncertain when Bannon may have relayed such expectations, but it is a certainty that Bannon is familiar with Eduardo.

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