Propaganda Watch–Come Join the Fun/Perversion for Profit

WARNING–The videos included in this piece discuss pornography and, while from five decades ago, may have images not safe for work or viewing around children.

It wasn’t long ago that, if you saw it in a moving image, you could trust it. But even years ago film proof wasn’t always good proof. First, let me present to you a video, narrated by George Putman from 1965 extolling the joys virtues of pornography in “slick” magazines and dime store novels in the video “Come Join the Fun”:

Looks legitimate. In addition, the video was posted over a decade ago. That’s long before the popularity of Deep Fake videos. Has to be real, right?


The original was a 30 minute “educational film” financed by Charles Keating and the Citizens for Decent Literature called “Perversion for Profit”. While charming in a dated, “It’s a two billion dollar business!” and fear of what dime store novels could do to America’s youth, it is very much NOT a pro-pornography piece:

Yet no expensive computer generated images were used. Simple, yet effective, editing was able to twist the words spoken in the original film and turn them into something very different.

With a little dedication and a cheap version of Windows Movie Maker, you too can make who you want say what you want. And it will all be on video.

THIS IS AN OPEN THREAD. I hope you all have a fantastic Saturday.

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