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In recognition of the upcoming Women’s World Cup match between the United States and the Netherlands, the Owl is celebrating its own favorite soccer team – PSFC Chernomorets Burgas Sofia.

PSFC Chernomorets Burgas Sofia of Bulgaria had a rivalry with a similar team from their home city of Burgas, PSFC Chernomorets Burgas. The team owner had previously owned the non-Sofia incarnation and wished to rebrand his “football club” as the defining team in the area.

PFC Conegliano German, a lower-tier team from the suburbs of Sofia, had just moved up in its status. It was shifting into a competitor on the national stage, as if US baseball needed a new pro team and they simply advanced the best AAA team into the big leagues. An opportunity was seen, and they were purchased by a man named Ivailo Drazhev. He was annoyed at being forced out of ownership of the Chernomorets Burgas and was dreaming of handing his old team some humiliating defeats.

That dream went unfulfilled. In fact, handing any of the other teams in the league a defeat proved to be a task too difficult to fulfill. The team managed to score only 8 goals throughout the entire season and had 131 goals scored against them.

That’s not what makes them a contender for worst ever professional soccer team, though. That honor rests on a single word: penalties.

Failure to obey some of the rules of the league had cost the team points in various games. They’d taken a three-point hit in their first match alone, because of an inability to have enough eligible players.

At the end of the 2006-2007 season, PSFC Chernomorets Burgas Sofia’s official goal total was… -2. Beyond the all-too-common problem of being unable to score, the Bulgarian team ended the season with a deficit of goals.

Question of the night : Who’s your favorite sports underdog?

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