Trump Floats Executive Order to Add Citizenship Question to the 2020 Census (Updated)

Donald Trump speaking at CPAC. Photo by Gage Skidmore.

On Friday before departing D.C., President Donald Trump told reporters he was “thinking about” using an Executive Order to add the hotly debated Citizenship question to the 2020 Census.

As the News Blender reported On Wednesday the President tweeted that news reports that stated the citizenship question would not appear on the Census, were “FAKE.”

The news reports were based on an official statement from, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, and Department of Justice lawyer, Kate Bailey.

Both notices said the printing of the Census form, had begun without the addition of the citizenship question.

The Census Bureau has started the process of printing the decennial questionnaires without the question.

Ross statement via CNN.

As the News Blender reported on Thursday, a Maryland Judge, George Hazel, ordered a teleconference between the Government and plaintiffs lawyers, who are involved in a lawsuit that stems from the citizenship question being added to the census, in order to clarify President Trump’s tweet, as the Judge noted, it seemed to contradict what the Government had told the Court on Tuesday.

Judge Hazel gave the parties involved in the case until Friday at 2 p.m. eastern to submit one of two things, either the Government stipulates that the question is not included on the form, or to submit a proposed schedule order for how the case is to move forward.

The confusion over the appearance or non-appearance of the question on the Census stems from a Supreme Court ruling that was issued last week that called the Government’s reason for adding the question in the first place, were “contrived.”

During the press gaggle on Friday, the President was asked if he was upset with Ross over the statement he issued regarding the non-addition of the Citizenship question to which he replies, “no, he made a statement. He wrote something out, the judge didn’t like it.”

The Washington Post was the first to report that the Administration might use an Executive Order to add the question.

Trump has talked of issuing an executive order to the Commerce Department to try to forge a new legal avenue for the citizenship question, having picked up that idea from conservative allies, according to a senior administration official.

The Washington Post.

Sources familiar with the matter confirmed to ABC News, that discussions of using an Executive Order to add the question had occurred, but another source as of Thursday told them, that an Executive Order was not part of the DOJ deliberations as they prepare to answer the Maryland Court on Friday afternoon.

For What It’s Worth.

At this time it’s unclear how the President would be allowed to use an Executive Order to overrule the Supreme Court.

The President’s press gaggle occurred while he was waiting to depart D.C., for New Jersey.


The Government has told the Judge in Maryland that at this time they have not decided if they plan to adopt a “new rationale” to adding the citizenship on the census, but if they do adopt one, they will notify the court, “immediately.”

The Department of Justice also told Judge Hazel they feel discovery at this time would be premature.

The DOJ filing can be found @

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