Trump Tweets a Really Big Show

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It’s Wednesday.

On Thursday the U.S. will celebrate Independence Day.

Fourteen days from now, on July 17th, Special Counsel Robert Mueller is scheduled to testify before Congress to answer questions regarding the Russian Election Interference Investigation Report.

The Washington Post reports that the campaign rally will be “held in an arena on the campus of East Carolina University that has an 8,000-seat capacity for basketball. The team’s website describes it as “cozy.”

At the writing of this post #BoycottTrump4thOfJuly  is/was trending on Twitter. 

Late Tuesday night President Trump tweeted that he asked both the Commerce Department and the Department of Justice to “do whatever is necessary,” to make sure the Citizenship question was added to the Census of 2020, as it is the “most vital of questions.”

The pair of tweets was sent at 10:33 p.m. eastern time, five and a half hours after it was reported that the plaintiffs in the case had received an email as ABC News reported, from DOJ attorney Kate Bailey that said, “the printer has been instructed to begin the printing process,” without the question of citizenship added.

The New York Times reported, roughly six hours prior to the tweets that Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross issued a statement that confirmed the printing process had begun.

The Census Bureau has started the process of printing the decennial questionnaires without the question. My focus, and that of the Bureau and the entire Department is to conduct a complete and accurate census.

Ross statement via The New York Times.

The announcement follows after the Supreme Court offered a ruling that many needed a flow chart decide who was dissenting in part and who was concurring in part as Brad Heath a USA Today Reporter noted via tweet.

Bottom line the Court ruled that the Administrations reason for including the question which last appeared on a Census in 1950, was “contrived” and that they could go back and try to make a more reasonable argument to include the question.

Onward to Wednesday’s Tweets.

So far the President has tweeted 7 10 times.

In February the President tweeted out the announcement he would be having “one of the biggest gatherings in the history of Washington D.C.,” the date for this historic event July 4th, 2019.

On Monday the U.S. Department of the Interior released information regarding the “Salute to America.”

According to their press release the “Salute to America will honor each of the nation’s five service branches with music, military demonstrations, multiple flyovers including a flight demonstration by the Blue Angels, and much more.”

It will include music, flyovers, fireworks, and a Presidential Address.

A parade is scheduled to start at 11:45 a.m. eastern time.

President Trump is scheduled to speak at 6:30 p.m. eastern time.

A concert is scheduled to start at 8 p.m. eastern time.

The fireworks which are being launched from two places, “from West Potomac Park and behind the Lincoln Memorial,” are set to begin at 9:07 p.m. eastern.

The Washington Post reported on Tuesday that the National Park Service is diverting “nearly $2.5 million in entrance and recreation fees primarily intended to improve parks across the country to cover costs associated with President Trump’s Independence Day celebration Thursday on the Mall, according to two individuals familiar with the arrangement.”

As the article notes unnamed, anonymous, people familiar with the matter, none in the Trump Administration will speak to how much the event in D.C., is costing the U.S. tax payer.

CNN reported on Tuesday that according to people familiar with the event, that allies of President Trump have received some VIP tickets to “Salute to America” ceremony that will be held at the National Mall.

The RNC said they have received some tickets but called it “standard practice.”

The DNC said they have not received tickets.

The President’s Counselor Kellyanne Conway said, “This is a public event, it’s open to the public, the public is welcome to come celebrate our great country, the greatest Democracy, the Constitution, all the amendments.”

CBS News is reporting that VoteVets a veterans group “will hand out thousands of T-shirts to the crowd featuring the USS John McCain.

Let it sink in the President of the U.S. is suggesting “we” become currency manipulators because other countries are doing it.

We own the planes

Fuel still has to be purchased to fly the planes we own.

we have the pilots

Yes, and I have no idea are they paid “extra” or is a flyover included in their salaries?

We own the tanks and all.

Again transporting them still costs money.

Some tweets from the still trending hashtag #BoycottTrump4thOfJuly

Some tweets from the now trending hashtag #BoycottTrumpJuly4

For what it’s worth, the weather forecast is calling for stormy weather on July 4th in the D.C. area.

KTLA channel 5 news is reporting that in appearance, Navy Seal Eddie Gallagher, who on Tuesday was found not guilty of murdering a wounded ISIS captive in Iraq, on Fox News, thanked the President and two Congressmen for their support during his trial.

Gallagher was found guilty of “posing with the militant’s corpse.”

The News reports were based on a Department of Justice email and an official statement from the Commerce Secretary.

*blink blink*

This is not normal.

but but but “fake news?”

For What It’s Worth

The President has suggested delaying the Constitutional mandated census which is to take place every ten years.

As the News Blender reported on Wednesday Acting Department of Homeland Security Kevin McAleenan announced the immediate investigation into the social media postings that he called “disturbing and inexcusable,” that were allegedly posted on Facebook by current and former border patrol agents.

Asylum is a legal form of entering the country. When they approach whether at a port of entry, or a non-port of entry, they can apply for asylum, that’s legal. I stress that it’s legally because our own President doesn’t seem to understand that nor do his supporters.

When they arrive and apply for asylum they are given rights under our Constitution, for example the right to due process.

I had to think hard about how I wanted to unpack these tweets, and you know what, they speak for themselves, so instead of tracking down every source for every time the R’s and D’s both failed to move immigration reform through both the House and the Senate, I’m gonna just say.

We are better than this.

We should demand better than this.

If we saw these images coming out of a country not our own we would condemn them as socialists, evil, as tyrants, we would relish our freedoms that ironically enough we celebrate tomorrow, the start of America.

We are better than this.

We should demand better than this.

From President Reagan to President Trump my how far the Republican party has fallen.

For what it’s worth these are what we call “gin” up the base before a rally appearance tweets.

Let it sink in that before he speaks to the nation on the day we celebrate our Independence Day, he is bashing America and American’s along with it.

Now the threatening of a foreign country.

See? That speech tomorrow night will not be about the shiny city on the hill, no, it’s going to be a campaign rally, held on our dime, in our Nation’s Capital.

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