Propaganda Watch: Russian Social Media Ads–8/4/19

Russian President Vladimir Putin superimposed into a Russian Flag. Image by Lenny Ghoul.

This is part of an ongoing series where I review some of the ads purchased by the Russians. In doing so I hope we can get a better understanding of what they were trying to do, and how to recognize it the next time we’re faced with propaganda.

If you want to follow along, the ads can all be downloaded here. All of today’s ads can be found in the 2016-q1/2016-03 folder.

The Russians did have a Democratic candidate they preferred: Bernie Sanders. It’s no secret the they liked Sanders. Page 23 of the Mueller Report states:

Ad p(1)0003772 portrays Sanders as the Muslim favorite and the one who can save our nation from Trump’s bigotry:

Ad p(1)0002532 is among my favorites for the sheer absurdity (note, they sneak in a dig at Clinton supporters as well):

For the record, this is an actual coloring book. For the record, the author was not aware until after the fact that the Russians used it for an ad, and was not pleased.

THIS IS AN OPEN THREAD. Have a pleasant Sunday and, if you’re feeling stressed out, remember adult coloring books can be a fun way to blow off steam.

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