Trump Tweets Got Lucky (Updated)

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It’s Friday.

The start of a three-day weekend for many, as Labor Day is Monday, the 2nd of September.

For Friday the President has tweeted so far 9 times.

They moved major plants to China, BEFORE I CAME INTO OFFICE.

U.S. explains that by Black Thursday, 1929, General Motors was known worldwide with manufacturing facilities and sales offices in “Shanghai, China; Copenhagen, Denmark; Antwerp, Belgium; Luton, England; São Paulo, Brazil; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Malaga, Spain; Paris, France; Berlin, Germany; Port Elizabeth, South Africa; Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, and Adelaide, Australia; Petone, New Zealand; Kobe and Osaka, Japan; and Alexandria, Egypt.”

So yeah, well prior to his birth they were in fact overseas, including China.

Now they should start moving back to America again?

I wasn’t aware they had left America to need to move back.

General Motors fact sheets by state location. [I will not be listing them all]

Arlington, Texas, employs approximately 4500 people, in 2018, their state economic impact was; $405,231,063.91 in wages and $47,883,576.19 in income tax.

Flint, Michigan, employs approximately 5119 people, in 2018, their state economic impact was; $314,636,960.31 in wages and $54,196,253.31 in income tax.

Flint, Michigan, Engine Operations, employs approximately 539 people, in 2018 their state economic impact was; $65,941,227.91 in wages and $12,226,537.43 in income tax.

Flint, Michigan, Metal Center, employs approximately 722 people, in 2018 their state economic impact was; $75,423,783.08 in wages and $13,825,270.92 in income tax.

Flint, Michigan, Tool & Die, employs approximately 352 people, in 2018 their state economic impact was; $46,190,260.30 and $8,393,670.82 in income tax.

Between the five plants and facilities I listed, GM employs approximately 11,232 people working in America.

Senator Ted Cruz and Grover Norquist the President of Americans for Tax Reform, co-wrote an op-ed that appeared on the website on Thursday.

From their article.

The Republican-led Tax Cuts and Jobs Act actually made the tax code more progressive. Millionaires saw the share of federal taxes they pay go up (from 19.3 to 19.8 percent), while those making less than $50,000 per year saw their share of federal taxes go down (from 4.4 to 4.1 percent).

Cruz, Norquist op-ed.

The tax cut cost $1.5 trillion.

Indexing capital gains to inflation continues that progress. In the near term, not only will this change directly benefit the 54 percent of Americans that own stocks, it will also benefit the 55 million Americans who own a 401k.

Cruz, Norquist op-ed.

The article is in response the President saying last week he has, “the legal authority to make the change ending the taxation of inflation in capital gains by administrative action. Two recent Supreme Court decisions in 2002 and 2019 make that clear.”

They are both urging the administration “to do just that.”

I have to state plainly upfront none of what President Trump is saying in these tweets is accurate based on the IG report that was released on Thursday.

The Department of Justice Inspector General released a report detailing their investigations into how former FBI Director James Comey handled seven memos he compiled after private meetings with President Trump.

The reports bottom line?

Comey did not leak classified information to the media, and neither did his attorneys.

Page 2/3 IG Report.

We found no evidence that Comey or his attorneys released any of the classified information contained in any of the Memos to members of the media.

Upon completing our investigation, pursuant to Section 4(d) of the Inspector General Act of 1978, the OIG provided a copy of its factual findings to the Department for a prosecutorial decision regarding Comey’s conduct. See 5 U.S.C.A. App. 3 § 4(d) (2016). After reviewing the matter, the Department declined prosecution.

Thereafter, we prepared this report to consider whether Comey’s actions violated Department or FBI policy, or the terms of Comey’s FBI Employment Agreement. As described in this report, we conclude that Comey’s retention, handling, and dissemination of certain Memos violated Department and FBI policies, and his FBI Employment Agreement.

IG Report.

In short what Comey did, failing to keep the memos he’d written in his FBI office, versus at home in his safe, sharing those memos with his counsel and later the media, would justify firing him. If in fact, he had done this before President Trump fired him.

However, that’s not what happened. Comey shared memo 4 “which did not contain any classified information — to a reporter for The New York Times,” with his attorney to share the information with the NYT reporter. As Comey himself explained on June 8th, 2017 to Congress.

I will stress as I and many others have done regarding the Mueller Report, read it yourself if you have questions, each reason, each conclusion of the investigation is noted by the IG in the report. Read. It.

And here I thought trade wars were easy to win…weird.

Our Dollar is now the strongest in history. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Except to those (manufacturers) that make product for sale outside the U.S.

The Balance explains that a strong dollar is good for the consumer, while it can also have a negative impact on the makers of products they are attempting to sell to foreign consumers, making the product cost more to the foreign consumer.

A weak dollar does the opposite, while it helps the manufacturer it can harm the consumer.

The Federal Reserves job is to balance out the two things through monetary policy.

Badly run and weak companies are smartly blaming these small Tariffs instead of themselves for bad management…and who can really blame them for doing that? Excuses!

Small tariffs?

  • Twenty-five percent on all imported steel.
  • Ten percent on all imported aluminum.
  • 25 percent on $200 billion worth of Chinese imports.
  • 10 percent on $300 billion worth of Chinese imports, which the President announced would be in fact 15 percent.
  • 17 percent on imported from Mexico fresh tomatoes.

That’s not even a full rendering of all the additional duties already paid.

I also must ask, is the President suggesting that farmers that have closed up shop, folded, during the last year of his easy to win trade war are to blame wholly for their farms failures?

Since 2018, the Trump administration has bailed out the farmers twice, the first for $12 billion, the second $16 billion.

Just yesterday the President announced a big plan for corn farmers.

It should also be noted, that while he and the Republicans scream how great the economy is, they are also attempting to prop up that great economy, such as indexing capital gains, as Cruz suggested in his co-written piece.

Or the President demanding the Federal Reserve cut rates, re-start QE. These are not things one does if the economy is “strong and growing.”

We don’t have a Tariff problem…

Tariff =’s tax the consumer.

For What it’s Worth.

Regular poster Dave from Florida shared an Axios article that explained that according to a survey of 220 members of the U.S.-China Business Council only 3 percent plan to relocate their China based operation back to the U.S..


The President has sent 6 more tweets since this article was posted.

Reuters reports that on Thursday according to an Iranian official, a rocket exploded on its “launch pad at a space center in northern Iran.”

The U.S. has warned Tehran against “rocket launches, fearful the technology used to put satellites into orbit could enable Tehran to develop the ballistic missile capability needed to launch nuclear warheads.”

As to the photo that President Trump shared I’m having difficulty tracking down information, but CNBC News is reporting that a U.S. Defense Official told them that “the picture in Trump’s tweet, which appeared to be a snapshot of a physical copy of the satellite image, was included in a Friday intelligence briefing.”

It wasn’t clear whom the president was responding to, or whether the U.S. had otherwise been accused of having a hand in the seeming blow-up at the launch site. Neither the White House nor the Pentagon immediately provided a response to CNBC’s inquiries.

CNBC News.

Apparently the Republicans have a different copy of the Comey IG Report

I stand by what I said earlier, read the report, go to the source. Don’t simply take other people’s word for what’s inside the report.

For some reason, the President shared his pinned tweeted in a separate tweet versus simply re-tweeting the original video message. *shrug*

And he unpinned the tweet.

This post will be updated within reason.

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