Trump Tweets: The Post Rally Review Edition

Trump Tweets Logo. Image by Lenny Ghoul.

It’s Friday.

Finally, we’ve have made it another week.

Fall is right around the corner, can you believe it?

About the headline.

Never fear dear readers, I will not be re-hashing the 90 minute rally, this will just be short section.

As the News Blender covered on Thursday night, the President held a campaign rally from New Hampshire.

The rally itself, was a standard Trump campaign rally.

Bash everyone, praise those that love Trump, scream fake news.

One newish feature from last nights rally, was President Trump openly mocked a “protester” calling the man fat, telling the man, to go home and “exercise.”

Right after the President mocked the “protester” he went on to say, that his political movement is “built on love.”

But wait there’s more.

It turns out apparently according to AP News, that the protester, was not in fact a protester at all, he is a President Trump supporter.

According to the Daily Mail’s David Martosko, the President Trump supporter is named Frank Dawson.

I guess Frank should just be pleased the President refrained from telling the gathered crowd how much he’d like to punch him in the face.


Never mind.

Another new addition to the rally, was a light show, similar to that of a UFC fighter entrance light show, prior to President Trump entering the arena. As Vox’s Aaron Rupar notes, the weird light show song intro finished before the President entered the arena.

Twitter user Woke Dystopia has a longer view of the weird light show.

Onward with the tweets.

So far for Finally Friday, the President has tweeted 4 times and re-tweeted, 6 times.

Shorter Rudy: it’s a cult.

The lack of morning tweets, might be because:

He must be done golfing.

This post will be updated within reason.

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