Watch Live: President Trump 2020 Campaign Rally From Manchester, New Hampshire

President Donald Trump Caricature by DonkeyHotey.

As the News Blender reported Thursday, the President will hold a Keep America Great (KAG) campaign rally in New Hampshire.

Ahead of the rally, the President prepared for event by tweeting sixteen times, and re-tweeting sixteen times.

Prior to departing for the event the President spoke with reporters.

Tweets = Memos.

This could possibly be the “little memo” the President is referring too.

The longer the trade war continues the stronger we get.

I can’t imagine why Israel would let them in.

For What It’s Worth.

Rep. Tlaib and Rep. Omar, had been approved for entry to Israel, prior to President Trump statements that they should not be allowed to visit Israel.

I think we need to start building institutions again.

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