British MP’s Suspended

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As instructed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the members of Britain’s Parliament were suspended for five weeks on Monday night, leaving them unable to pass new legislation which may further impede the progress of Brexit.

The scene was contentious, with some members arguing against the enforcement of the rules and others holding up signs or breaking into song to protest what they describe as the silencing of their voices.

Johnson is going to meet with EU representatives in the middle of October in an effort to negotiate a last-minute deal for preferential Brexit terms. His position is that any restrictions on his threat of a hard Brexit will undermine his ability to get superior terms, as EU officials will feel less pressure to agree.

Johnson’s detractors point to his dozens of statements in favor of a hard Brexit as proof the he wants one, and the insistence of the EU that no better terms will be offered, to indicate he is not looking for enhanced bargaining power but merely going through the necessary motions prior to pulling the UK from the European Union at the end of October.

In an effort to rein in such actions, the Parliament acted swiftly last week and passed a new law requiring Johnson to seek another delay, should this latest round of negotiations fail. Johnson has pledged to find a way to work around this new law. Suspending the MPs will minimize their ability to respond to any such efforts.

“This government will not delay Brexit any further,” he said. “We will not allow the emphatic verdict of the referendum to be slowly suffocated by further calculated drift and paralysis.”

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Associated to these events, Johnson has sought a new general election in order to consolidate and perhaps enhance his strength in Parliament, after losing the majority following MPs leaving the Tory Party and others being ejected for refusing to follow the Prime Minister.

Yesterday Johnson’s efforts on that front were again rejected, ensuring he would be unable to call a snap election prior to the planned Brexit date of October 31.

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