Giuliani Subpoenaed by House Committees

Rudy Giuliani Wizard of Oz parody by Lenny Ghoul.

The House Intelligence Committee, the House Oversight Committee, and the House on Foreign Affairs, have subpoenaed the personal attorney for President Trump, Rudy Giuliani, in connection to the House’s impeachment inquiry, according to a joint committee statement issued on Monday.

According to the letter sent to Giuliani the the subpoena compels Giuliani to produce the requested documents by October 15th.

From Giuliani’s letter:

Committee letter 9/30/19

The Chairmen, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-NY), Rep. Eliot Engel (D-NY), and Rep. Elisha Cummings (D-MD), have also subpoenaed and requested depositions for three of Giuliani’s business associates.

  • 10/10/19 Lev Parnas.
  • 10/11/19 Igor Fruman.
  • 10/14/19 Semyon “Sam” Kislin.

According to the individuals letters, sent to Parnas, Fruman, and Kislin, the Committee has given them until the 7th of October to produce the subpoenaed documents.

It’s been one hell of a 30 minutes for Breaking News.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo took part in the July 25th phone call between President Trump and President Volodymyr Zelensky according to a senior State Department Official. Pompeo’s involvement in the call had not be previously disclosed.

The New York Times is reporting that President Trump pressed Australian leader to help Attorney General William Barr to investigate the origins of the Mueller Russian Interference investigation.

According to two American officials with knowledge of the call, the President, in recent weeks, has initiated the discussions with the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Mr. Barr requested that Mr. Trump speak to Mr. Morrison, one of the people said. It came only weeks after Mr. Trump seemed to make military aid to Ukraine contingent on Mr. Zelensky doing him the “favor” of helping Mr. Barr with his work.

The New York Times.

NBC News is reporting that a Justice Department official has confirmed the call between President Trump and Morrison.

The call to Scott Morrison, the Australian leader, came recently after Attorney General William Barr in May asked John Durham, the U.S. Attorney in Connecticut, to lead an inquiry into whether the FBI’s investigation into the Trump campaign was properly predicated. The DOJ official said Barr asked Trump to make the call to seek Australia’s help.

NBC News.

Pompeo had until Friday, according to MSNBC live on air, to deliver documents requested by the Intelligence committee regarding the Whistleblower compliant and the July 25th call. It was also noted on air, that Congress is in recess for two weeks, with the House Intelligence Committee staying in D.C., to work on the impeachment inquiry investigation.

The significance of the Australian phone call centers around the Mueller Investigation and George Papadopoulos, who served 14 days in prison for lying to investigators regarding Russia’s attempt to reach the Trump Campaign. His actions are detailed in the Mueller Report.

The Whistleblower complaint.

The Mock-up of the July 25th call between President Trump and Zelensky.

As was noted in the Trump Tweets thread, it’s only Monday, day 6 of the Impeachment Inquiry.

At post time this broke. So it’s been one hell of an hour…

This is unconfirmed.

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