Trump Tweets Getting Nothing Done (Updated)

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It’s Wednesday.

President Donald Trump has tweeted 14 times, and re-tweeted 23 times bringing his total number of tweets so far for Wednesday to 37.

As the News Blender covered on Tuesday, former Campaign Manager for President Trump, Corey Lewandowski testified before the House Judiciary Committee.

The hearing, the first the Committee held under their new rules which were approved last week, by a party line vote, focused on President Trump’s abuse of power, and Obstruction of Justice, as detailed in the Mueller Report.

As a reminder, Lewandowski is exploring the possibility of running for a Senate seat in New Hampshire.

He posted the above tweet after he asked for a five minute recess during yesterday’s hearing.

Some Highlights.

Under the new rules, the Committee after all members for 5 minutes question a witness, each party can then bring in a staff member to question the witness for 30 minutes uninterrupted.

Using the new rule, House Democrats tapped criminal defense attorney Barry Berke to question Lewandowski.

The Republicans tried to outsmart the rule, by appointing ranking member Doug Collins (R-GA) as their questioner, it failed as a member of the Committee is not allowed to have 30 minutes of unequal time to question anyone.

Lewandowski doesn’t feel he is obligated to tell the media the truth.

Lewandowski who did not read the Mueller Report, called the Report accurate, because while he doesn’t feel obligated to tell the media, aka the American public, the truth he is truthful always while under oath.

What this means?

In the Mueller Report, it states that President Trump asked Lewandowski to take a dictated note to then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions, after Sessions had recused himself from the investigation, demanding that Sessions limit Mueller’s investigation to future election interference by the Russians.

This act, by the President was clearly attempted obstruction of justice.

The full exchange between Lewandowski and Berke. (totally worth the thirty minute watch time, IMO).

For more on Lewandowski’s performance before the House Judiciary Committee:

On Wednesday morning CNN invited Lewandowski onto their network.

The random tweets.

The data that Trump re-election campaign manager Brad Parscale has shared, has no source aside from the tweet.

It’s based on those that attended President Trump’s New Mexico Rally. A state he lost in 2016 to Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

Former Congressmen Beto O’Rourke, Democratic Presidential nominee hopeful, has no power in Washington, D.C., at the present time.

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said yesterday that even though he is the Senate Majority Leader, he wants to know where President Trump stands on gun legislation he would support.

So, who’s the dummy?

Whatever tweet he was quoting has been removed.

No, but you can impeach a President for violating his oath of office, for abuse of power, and for attempting/committing obstruction of justice. And a host of other reasons.

As a reminder the President’s Twitter account is viewed as Presidential Communication, our President is using his personal/Presidential twitter account to announce policies, and push campaign slogans at the same time.

Yep. He’s a winner alright!

At the writing of this post, the increased Sanctions against Iran, have not been detailed by the Treasury Department.

Speaking with CNN Iran Analyst Henry Rome, told the network, that given the U.S. Iranian Oil sanctions already in place any new sanctions will be fairly marginal.

At this point the US is scraping the bottom of the barrel with sanctions. After the decision to sanction Iranian oil in May, everything else is fairly marginal. When you look at effectiveness or impact, you’re really out of significant sanction tools at this point

Rome, via CNN.

AP News reports that O’Brien is an established figure in the Republican party policy circles, along with being the Chief Hostage Negotiator.

He will be the fourth National Security Adviser in two years, replacing the recently ousted John Bolton.

On Tuesday the New York Times reported that the Trump Administration was expected to formally revoke California’s authority to set auto emissions above the federal standards on Wednesday.

The President announced the decision via Twitter.

The L.A. Times explains that this announcement was to be made on Wednesday while the President was in California “for a campaign fundraising trip.”

The article also noted, that this EPA plan to remove the wavier is also likely to be fought in court for years.

As the official EPA plan was not commented on by the EPA as of last night, it should be noted, that by removing the decades old waiver the Trump administration is also telling other states they do not have the right to set their own EPA standards.

Automakers should seize this opportunity because without this alternative to California, you will be out of business.

Just what I always wanted in the Oval Office, a thug, who threatens private businesses side with me or else….so much winning.


Shortly before the tweet from President Trump, Federal Reserve Bank members, announced they were for the second time this year cutting the benchmark interest rate.

Chairman Jerome Powell held a press conference to explain the committees decision.

At the time of posting this update Powell was still speaking to the media.

Having learned more about President Trump’s tweet regarding AOC plus 3 I will be posting it here. This is not a new tweet.

The removed tweet the President posted in his feed, was sent by a comedian/commentator Terrance K Williams.

He posted a video of Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) dancing at a party, he falsely claimed the party video was taken on 9-11.

CNN‘s Daniel Dale quotes Williams as stating, “Ilhan Omar parties on the anniversary of 9/11.” In his video that accompanied the tweeted text he says, “Girl, what in the world were you celebrating on the anniversary on 9/11?”

The video in question was posted first by Adam Green on September 13th.

The video was taken during at an event called Breaking Concrete Ceilings, connected to the Congressional Black Caucus Foundations Annual Legislative Conference.

Omar responded to President Trump’s tweet.

A Twitter spokesperson told CNN that Williams removed the video.

This post will be updated within reason.

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