Trump Tweets: It’s Finally Friday

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It’s Friday.

More specifically it’s Friday the 13th.

According to Friday the 13th which is trending on Twitter, there will be a full moon visible tonight.

For Friday the 13th, the President has so far tweeted 6 times.

Disclaimer: In today’s edition of “I can’t believe this is the new normal,” I will be spending less fact checking time.

How do you impeach a President.

First, it’s in the Constitution that’s how you do it.


Then voted to impeach the guy we elected President.

This is a lie, not a false claim or a misstatement, but a lie.

On Thursday the Democrats voted on how the Committee would move forward on determining whether or not they’d file Articles of Impeachment before the full House, against President Trump.

One thing that I have noticed is the abudance of lying that’s acceptable by our elected officials, “all politicians lie,” I’m told, sure, but most, do not lie, when the facts are so easily proven to show they lied, they hedge, they omit, they deflect and ignore.

What’s happening now in this new normal, is our politicians flipping us the bird, or giving us a giant F-you, by lying straight to our faces, or worse, via tweets.

Lies big or small have to be called out, I don’t care what side, I don’t care if you are in love with a whoever it is, a lie small or big, has to be called out.

It’s what us parents call “tough love.”

When a child lies to us, it doesn’t mean we hate them, it doesn’t mean we shun them, it means we correct them, punish them for that lie, no matter the size.

Our politicians are no better or worse than us, if they lie, call them out, note it for the record, and if you feel strongly enough about it, vote them the hell out.

*We the people really need higher standards.

*this “we” is the royal we, nobody specific.

Rebuilt Military & Choice for Vets…

Currently the President is diverting funds from the military to pay for his vanity project, the “wall” to fulfill a campaign promise ahead of 2020.

Veterans Choice was a program started under former President Obama.


This is not his first mention of windmills, in April, he told a gathered crowd of Republicans, that noise from windmills aka wind tribunes caused cancer.

Done more than any President in first 2 1/2 years despite phony & fraudulent Witch Hunt illegally led against him.


Third person speak, does that mean he didn’t write it?

Or that he is so cray he was referring to himself in third-person?

Want to know what he’s accomplished in the first 11 months of this year?

The last time the deficit reached the $1 trillion mark in 11 months was 2012. It fell by October after the Treasury collected their September revenue.

The difference between 2012, and now, and the reason the number might not fall, is the budget passed right before summer recess, that removed spending caps.

The Whole last tweet.

Trump Twitter Archive: 17 times the President of the United States has accused our top law enforcement of being “treasonous,” or of committing “treason,” via Twitter.

The IG report did not in fact accuse former FBI Director James Comey of being a dirty cop, he said that Comey violated employment rules. Not the same as he beat a suspect breaking the law, nope, it’s that he didn’t follow SOP of the FBI, something he could have been fired for, had he broken the rules before he was fired.

The Mueller Report did in fact accuse the President of attempting to Obstruct Justice.

Jan. 2019 CATO Institute reported that the cost of the vanity wall:

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) recently sent a letter to Congress where it argued that $5.7 billion would pay for approximately 234 miles of a new physical steel barrier along the border.  That new estimate comes to about $24.4 million per mile.  This new OMB estimate is 41 percent more costly than the approximately $17.3 million per mile construction costs that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) estimated just a few years ago, 2.7 times as expensive as Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan estimated, and 5 times as expensive as Trump’s lowest estimate

[but what there is more].

Even worse, the $24.4 million per mile estimate does not include the large cost overruns for government construction projects.  Applying a conservative 50 percent cost overrun estimate to building the border fence brings the total price tag to approximately $36.6 million per mile.  Building a steel fence along the remaining 1,637 miles of Mexican border not covered by pedestrian fencing would cost approximately $59.8 billion, excluding any maintenance costs. 

CATO 1/8/19.

In August of 2018 the Government Accountability Office published a report that details why the cost of the border wall is likely to be much higher than expected.

The New York Times results of Dan Bishop versus Dan McCready.

(R) Bishop: 96,081 or 50.7 percent.
(D) McCready 92,144 or 48.7 percent.

McCready lost by 3,937 votes.

Jeff Scott the Libertarian received 767 votes, while the Green party candidate Allen Smith received 371 votes. Neither took enough votes to have changed the outcome of the Bishop and McCready race.

The New York Times results of Greg Murphy versus Allen Thomas.

(R) Murphy: 70,142 or 61.7 percent.
(D) Thomas 42,570 or 37.5 percent.

Greg Holt for the Constitution party received 502 votes, while the Libertarian candidate Tim Harris received 393 votes.

Murphy was running in the 3rd district race, to replace a Congressman, that passed away.

Bishop was running in the 9th district race, that only needed a special election because Mark Harris of the Republican party, committed election fraud. Harris has been indicted and is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

However, in testimony before the election board, before the court of public opinion that is exactly what Harris and company attempted to do.

You’d think that they all just take the win and move on, but no………………President Trump is even petty in victory.

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