Trump Tweets: It’s the Open Thread Monday Edition

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It’s Monday.

The President is in New York attending the United Nations General Assembly.

CNN has live updates as Global leaders meet for the annual event.

So far the President has tweeted two times.

He spoke with the press at his arrival to the UN.

He was asked about the whistleblower compliant. In response he said that he had a “perfect phone call” with Ukraine and that this is just once again, a “Democrat witch hunt.” He added that what former Vice President Joe Biden did was wrong.

As a reminder the President of the United States, is in New York, representing the country at the UN General Assembly.

On Sunday he tweeted:

Yeah, nothing says “well represented,” like a President tweeting a Fox and Friends quote.

The story goes like this, the President and his personal Attorney Rudy Giuliani have accused former Vice President Joe Biden of using his power as Vice President to prevent the former Ukrainian General Prosecutor Viktor Shokin, from investigating corruption into Hunter Biden’s private sector job based out of the Ukraine.

The alleged corruption stems from the operator of Burisma Company, a gas company, led by former Ukraine government official Mykola Zlochevsky.

On Sunday the Wall Street Journal explained that Zlochevsky had been under investigation for abuse of power, illegal enrichment, and money laundering.

Mr. Zlochevsky was accused of improperly granting gas extraction licenses to firms affiliated with him, and at times was investigated for alleged abuse of power, illegal enrichment and money laundering. Mr. Zlochevsky was never convicted of any crimes and denied any wrongdoing. His lawyer also denied that Mr. Zlochevsky ever benefited from his position in government.

The Wall Street Journal.

According to the article, Shokin dragged his feet in investigating the charges against Zlochevsky according to Western Diplomats.

The British Government had frozen $23.5 million of Zlochevsky’s London based assets, but a British court ordered the assets returned, as The New York Times reported in December of 2015.

According to that article, the Court ruled the assets returned after the Ukrainian government failed to turn over documents the Serious Fraud Office in the U.K., had request.

In March of 2016, the Ukrainian Parliament voted to remove Shokin from office.

As the New York Times reported at the time, the ousting of Shokin was demand by internal donors, the U.S. government and other Western nations, for months prior to his being removed.

The United States and other Western nations had for months called for the ousting of Mr. Shokin, who was widely criticized for turning a blind eye to corrupt practices and for defending the interests of a venal and entrenched elite. He was one of several political figures in Kiev whom reformers and Western diplomats saw as a worrying indicator of a return to past corrupt practices, two years after a revolution that was supposed to put a stop to self-dealing by those in power.

The New York Times 2016.

For What it’s Worth.

The way it seems to me using many media sources, by ousting Shokin, there was a greater chance that the company Hunter Biden worked for, would have been investigation, with it’s only share holder Zlochevsky, likely facing charges.

He has not been convicted of a crime and does deny all charges leveled against him.

This clip is being shard on Twitter, as the smoking gun in which Biden confesses he pressured the Ukraine Government to stop investigating the company his son worked for.

This post will be updated within reason.

This is an Open Thread.

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