Trump Tweets: Now For Something a Little Different.

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It’s Monday.

The last few Monday’s I have recounted President Trump’s Twitter weekend. I’m going to be skipping that step today. Although, I will tell you according to Trump Twitter Archive, that for Friday through Sunday the President tweeted 42 times, and retweeted 30 times, giving him a total of 72 tweets and retweets.

One of his Saturday tweets sent twitter into a hurry-up and wait mode. For those of us familiar often times a journalist will warn us that “breaking news is incoming,” and us political/news junkies wait. And typically that wait is about an hour.

With President Trump’s tweets we had to wait until 9 a.m. eastern on Sunday morning to have him confirm the news that an ISIS leader was presumed dead. For more at the News Blender.

After the announcement our paid Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham weighed in on a Washington Post headline that made waves on Twitter.

On Sunday night the President headed to game 5 of the World Series. Where he was greeted to boos and chants of “lock him up.”

This morning Morning Joe lamented the discord shown the President, they did include the President in this lamenting as he was the first to use the chant “lock her up” in campaign rallies, regarding his rival Hillary Clinton.

Joe Scarborough called the chant “unAmerican.”

Now here is my hot take on this subject. While I personally do not like the discord, I do not like the divisions within the country down party lines, especially given how unknown our party lines are.

However, here is the difference between the two things, why it’s not acceptable for President Trump to lead the chants of “lock her up” but it’s perfectly American for voters in a room to boo or chant at our President.

Government vs. the People.

He is the government running for high office, he has power we simply as regular people do not have, from him, it’s a political threat. From us? It’s freedom of speech. Can’t be more American than that.

They have so truly isolated the President from negative reactions. I’m not speaking of the media. I’m speaking of the real life American person. He is not confronted with the protests that happen outside the White House everyday, he is not faced with the loathing that more than not America has for the President. He is in a bubble and last night, the bubble was popped, even if only a little bit.

When a President tweets out American’s that do not support him are Human Scum.

Is the booing and chanting really all that surprising?

For Monday the President has tweeted 1 time so far.

For What It’s Worth.

Alien Debunked Crowdstrike over the weekend for those that might have missed it. This morning Alien also updated us on the Brexit drama unfolding in the UK.

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