Trump Tweets: The He Caved to the “Radical Left Democrats” Edition

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It’s Monday.

We’ve reached the 27th day of the House Impeachment Inquiry.

The President has tweeted 3 times so far.

To finish Friday, the President tweeted/retweeted 13 more times, giving him a total of 24 tweets/retweets. 11 of those tweets were covered @ the News Blender.

Saturday was a big day. He tweeted 22 times and retweeted 38 times.

Trump Twitter Archive and I don’t agree on the number of tweets/retweets, they recorded 60 for Saturday. I counted 57 plus 2 random retweets sent at 2:30 a.m. eastern time [which would count for Sunday]. Since the archive’s time is set for GMT, that would explain the disagreement. I will differ to the archive and say he had 60 tweets for Saturday.

Sunday the President tweeted 18 times and retweeted 6 times giving him a total of 24 tweets.

That means since Friday he has tweeted/retweeted 108 times, 11 covered in the Friday Open Thread.

Friday Highlights.

The President confirmed that Energy Secretary Rick Perry would be leaving at the end of year. He announced his intent to nominate Deputy Secretary Dan Brouillette to replace Perry.

Saturday Highlights.

I included the video from Fox News, to show the order of events that led to his announcement that the G7 would not be held at Trump National Doral, in June 2020.

We should never forget what they suggested hosting a government event at our President’s personally owned hotel, is a crime.

The New York Times reported that prior to his announcement that they would be seeking a new venue, “Democrats in the House and Senate quickly introduced legislation intended to block the use of the Doral, a bill they called “Trump’s Heist Undermines the G7,” or the Thug Act. The measure would have blocked the use of federal funds for the Group of 7 if the event were held at the Doral.”

Interestingly enough in their article they note that:

Lawyers who have served in both Republican and Democratic administrations objected to the selection of the Doral, including several who emphasized that even though Mr. Trump, as president, is exempt from a federal conflict-of-interest statute, his role in the matter was improper.

The New York Times.

Question: How come the President, not just President Trump, but Presidents, seem to be so immune from rules and laws, that governor the executive branch, for example, the President is also immune to Hatch Act Violations. Seems to me some of what is wrong within our Republic, is the idea, that the President doesn’t have to follow the same rules as other Federal Government employees. Just food for thought.

Sunday Highlights.

In his original tweet where he misquoted his Defense Secretary Mark Esper, he also gave him a new last name.

Deleted tweet.

In the reissue tweet he apparently still misquoted Esper according to Idress Ali, a Reuters Foreign Correspondent.

On Monday Idrees Ali reported a likely answer to “we have secured the oil.”

From the deleted tweet: Bringing soldiers home.
From the reissued tweet: Ending endless wars.

On Sunday Esper told reporters that the 1,000 troops withdrawing from Syria would head to Iraq on two missions, “One is to help defend Iraq and two is to perform a counter ISIS mission as we sort through the next steps.”

For more weekend tweets @ realDonaldTrump or Trump Twitter Archive.


As noted up thread the President has tweeted 3 times so far.

The Mueller Report disagrees.
The Senate Intelligence Committees Report also disagrees.
*Obviously I have not read the book, I’m reacting directly to the tweet and title.*

As to the new scam: The Whistleblower complaint. The mock-up call. And.

It should be noted there are other reports from government officials out there that explain Russia did interfere with our election pushing President then-candidate Trump. I just lack the time to include them all.

NBC News reports that House Republicans “are planning to try to force a vote on the House floor Monday evening on a resolution to censure House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., accusing him of conveying a “false retelling” of the phone conversation between President Donald Trump and Ukraine’s president that’s at the center of the impeachment inquiry.”

The bill was introduced by Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs (R), who chairs the House Freedom Caucus.

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