Trump Tweets: Friday’s Open Thread

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It’s Friday.

Day 24 of the Impeachment Inquiry has arrived.

For day 24 the President has tweeted 1 time and retweeted 5 times.

Vanessa Friedman according to her Twitter bio is the New York Times and INYT fashion director/critic.

Friedman wrote an article for the Times regarding the opening of a new Louis Vuitton workshop, located in Johnson County, Texas, which is about half-an-hour’s drive from Fort Worth.

She explains in her article that while LV already has two workshops in CA, the company had looked to expand, first looking at North Carolina, but decided on an estimated 265 acres in Texas.

They considered North Carolina, but chose to buy the approximately 265 acres in Texas instead, in part because of its central location and, they said, coastal accessibility, and in part because of Texas’s history as a leatherworking center. Part of the deal was a 10-year, 75 percent tax abatement of about $91,900 a year, though Mr. Burke [Michael Burke CEO LV] said that was immaterial. The county also agreed to widen the local roads, add a roundabout for Vuitton trucks, put in high-speed internet cables and add streetlights.

Friedman New York Times.

In return Vuitton has promised 1,000 jobs, but currently there are only 150 employees for the Texas location, while both CA make-up 760 jobs. Burke had declined to comment on how much the factory cost, but President Trump announced in his speech that it cost $50 million, the company later confirmed the number.

Friedman offered some live tweeting from the event.

4 of the President’s retweets focused on the Vuitton ribbon cutting, 3 from Friedman, while one focused on last nights Texas rally.


The President picked 10 minutes before article post time to tweet 5 more times.

This brings his total so far for Friday to 11 with tweets and retweets.

The Foreign Policy Tweets.

As the News Blender covered in the Trump campaign rally thread, Vice President Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced a ceasefire between the Turkish army and Kurdish forces.

Turkey said as CNN reported that it was not a ceasefire, it was a pause to allow the U.S. to move Syrian Kurdish fighters out of the safe zone by Tuesday night.

CNN also reported that “clashes continued on the border between Turkey and Syria, according to eyewitnesses and Kurdish fighters.”

Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces SDF told CNN “that shelling by the Turkish military and the Syrian rebel proxies supporting them has hit a number of civilian areas in Ras al-Ain, including a hospital. The SDF says five fighters were killed in the attack.”

On Tuesday Fox Business anchor Trish Reagan posted a letter that President Trump sent Turkish President Erdogan.

On Friday Erdogan said that the letter “did not go hand-in-hand with political and diplomatic courtesy.

BBC News on Wednesday reported that Erdogan ‘threw Trump’s Syria letter in the bin.’

It should be noted that during his rally last night, the President likened the Turkish/Kurdish Syrian Conflict to that of playground fight.

Ahead of his rally the President while speaking about the ceasefire said that the Turkey “had to have it cleaned out,” referring to Kurds living along side the Syria/Turkish border.

Impeachment Inquiry tweet (so far, it’s just one)

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This is an Open Thread.

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