TNB Night Owl – Wang Xianfa

Metal bars, photo by Alister 77

There’s always someone who wants to be different. Wang Xianfa was one such person, and in 2009 he demonstrated that he was very different.

For example, most people try to avoid getting hit in the head, particularly by anything as hard as an iron bar. Wang Xianfa hit himself with them. Most people’s skulls don’t fare well against hard iron. He broke the bar. Bars, actually. Most people aren’t the holder of a Guinness World Record. The Chinese martial artist is… and it’s not hard for anyone to guess what that record might be.

Many video productions warn viewers “Don’t try this at home”. In this case, anyone who hasn’t spent years developing an unusually dense skull from repeated strikes (in the same way that Kirby Roy developed his unique skills) is likely to learn that some things aren’t as easy as they appear on the internet, but rather much harder. Painfully so.

Question of the night: What was your most unpleasant live performance experience?

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