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There are Guinness records people want to hold.  Fastest person would be one; most games of chess won would be another.  Maybe “best memory”.

Not “Strongest kick to the groin”.

Kirby Roy is a martial arts master, trained at the Houston Jujutsu Academy in “Combat Ki”.  As part of his personal training, he has learned to withstand phenomenal strikes to his groin.

…by intentionally taking them over and over again.  Through the course of years.

Having heard of his ability, the television show Sport Science decided to use him in a demonstration.


The person who kicked him was Jessie Smith, a former professional wrestler turned actor best known under his nickname, “Justice” on American Gladiators.

For the record, Kirby Roy has children and claims to have an active sex life with his wife.

Also for the record, if you’re even considering trying to break this record, you need help from psychological experts.

Question of the night: What world record would you most want to hold?



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