The American People Have Impeached Trump

No matter how many times the Republicans claim that the impeachment of Donald Trump (I love saying that) is just a partisan, radical Democrat action, there is nothing further from the truth.

No matter how many times Trump tweets that “the people” know this is a sham and are behind him, know that it is just another Trump lie.

No matter how many times McConnell (and Trump’s little bitch Lindsey) whines about how unfair this impeachment was and how they are going to rush through a fake trial, know that they and the rest of the GOP Senate (including Cruz, Lee, Sasse and other self-proclaimed Constitutionalists) are sticking a finger in the eye of the American people (and the constitution) who have legitimately impeached Donald Trump.

No matter what any poll says about the supposed support of impeachment, polls are not what matter. Polls do not speak for the people.

Make no mistake, the American people impeached Donald Trump.

In our carefully planned system of government, “the people” are represented by the House of Representatives.

The Senate does not speak for the people.

The President does not speak for the people.

The House does. The House speaks for the people.

It so happens that the American people saw fit to hand the control of the House to the Democrats in 2018. It so happens that many of us (myself included) voted for a Democrat for the first time in our lives specifically to hand that control to the Democrats in order to hold Donald Trump accountable for his many impeachable offenses.

The American people spoke very clearly and loudly in 2018. And through their elected representatives in the House, they again spoke very clearly and loudly to the Republicans, to the world, and to Donald Trump.

We, the American people, impeached Donald Trump (did I say how much I like saying that?).

The only question now will be how badly the GOP Senate disrespects the American people by how they choose to not conduct an actual trial.

Make no mistake, if the GOP Senate does not conduct an actual, legitimate trial, they are thwarting the will of the American people and they are telling us that we, the people, don’t matter. It is an affront to the people, to the constitution, and to our representative Republic.

The American people impeached Donald Trump (I can’t stop!). Anyone who says otherwise is either ignorant of how our system works or is lying (probably both).

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