Trump Tweets: It’s Another Meltdown Edition for Thursday’s Open Thread

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It’s Thursday.

Day 79 of the Impeachment Inquiry has arrived in the form of a continued hearing to markup the final Articles of Impeachment against President Donald Trump, that will be presented to the full House.

For this Thursday the President has tweeted 23 times and retweeted 93 times giving him a total so far of *116 times.

*Trump Twitter Archive shows that he’s only up to 109 tweets/retweets. The reason our numbers vary is based on how the archive stores his tweets based on time zone.*

Impeachment does not require a crime.

Fox News reported on Wednesday that a “slight majority of Americans still oppose impeaching and removing,” President Trump from office.

They cite two polls in their article.

The first poll from Quinnipiac conducted between December 4th through December 9th, released on December 10th.

From Quinnipiac:

Slightly more than half of all registered voters, 51 percent, think that President Trump should not be impeached and removed from office, while 45 percent say he should be impeached and removed. This compares to a November 26 poll in which 48 percent of voters said the president should not be impeached, while 45 percent said he should be. Today’s poll is the first time since House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the inquiry that more than half of voters say that Trump should not be impeache


Methodology of the Poll.

Quinnipiac PDF.

The second poll was from Monmouth University. The poll was conducted between December 4th through December 8th.

Currently, 45% of Americans feel that Trump should be impeached and compelled to leave the presidency, while 50% disagree with this course of action.

Monmouth University PDF.

Methodology of the Poll.

Monmouth University PDF.

This is one of those tweets that can’t actually be “fact-checked” or explained. Our President believes he’s a “wonderful subject,” and that those that point out he is not are “fake news.”

Impeachment is not about crime. Impeachment is about fitness and trustworthiness of the public in the President, Vice President, or Federal Judge.

Has the bar been met?

The President personally withheld aid, congressional approved aid to the Ukraine with the intent to receive in exchange for that aid and a White House meeting a public statement from Ukraine that they were conducting two investigations.

One, into Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden for connections to the foreign gas company Burisma.

The other, into a debunked conspiracy theory that Ukraine working with an American based computer company Crowdstrike, and Hillary Clinton/DNC, to frame Russia for stealing Hillary Clinton/DNC emails that WikiLeaks revealed publicly in the run-up to our election in 2016.

If you have watched the Impeachment Inquiry hearings, the House Republicans on the Committees involved, failed to mention that theory, instead they focused on Ukraine interference based on a op-ed written in summer of 2016, published on The Hill.

The op-ed in question was written by Valeriy Chaly an Ukrainian Ambassador to the U.S..

The summer op-ed was posted in response to then-Candidate Trump’s comments “about the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea — occupied by Russia since March 2014 — have raised serious concerns in Kyiv and beyond Ukraine.”

Recent comments by Republican nominee Donald Trump about the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea — occupied by Russia since March 2014 — have raised serious concerns in Kyiv and beyond Ukraine. Many in Ukraine are unsure what to think, since Trump’s comments stand in sharp contrast to the Republican party platform. Since the Russian aggression, there has been bipartisan support for U.S. sanctions against Russia, and for such sanctions to remain in place until the territorial integrity of Ukraine is restored. Efforts to enhance Ukraine’s defense capacity are supported across the aisle, as well, to ensure that Ukraine becomes strong enough to deter Russia’s aggression.

Chaly August 2016.

Op-ed’s are not equal to stealing emails from a U.S. political campaign in order to aid another U.S. political campaign.

Apparently a minor child only means the President’s son.

Eight days ago on December 4th, (can you believe it’s only been eight days) the House Judiciary Committee held it’s first public Impeachment Inquiry hearing featuring scholars on our Constitution.

During an exchange one of the witness Pamela Karlan, a Stanford law professor explained that while the President could name his son Barron he can’t make him a Baron.

Karlan later apologized for the comment.

While I understand that Greta Thunberg is a Climate Activist, attacking her personally and not her policy is not a good look for anyone in general, but it’s a really poor look for our President.

You might be asking what did Thunberg do to earn his ire, well:

Let it sink in, our President is mad, that she got TIME’s Person of the Year cover, versus say such a “wonderful subject, President Trump.”


As the News Blender covered on Tuesday, House Democrats and the Trump Administration have reached an agreement to see the replacement NAFTA, USMCA, passed in the Democratic controlled House.

On Tuesday as the News Blender featured President Trump held a rally from Hershey, PA.

Vox journalist Aaron Rupar, covered the rally, in a very long Twitter thread.

I might be wrong, but this reads like the President is propping up his personal business on his Presidential/Personal account.

But do not worry, folks, he does not profit from his personal business!

I agree it’s a bit sad the President of the United States is talking to himself via tweet.

For more on the quoted tweet @ the News Blender.

Lawrence Vandyke was confirmed in a Senate vote 51-44 as The Hill reports the nomination of Vandyke earned a sharp rebuke from the American Bar Association who said he was “not qualified,” to sit on the 9th Circuit.

In the letter issued by the ABA prior to the confirmation hearing, citing interviews with 60 interviews including a cross section of lawyers, judges, and one person that worked with Vandyke.

The 60 people came from 4 states where Vandyke worked and all where in positions to access his professional qualifications.

From the letter:

Mr. VanDyke is a highly educated lawyer with nearly 14 years of experience in appellate law, including one year as a law clerk, an associate in a law firm, and as a Solicitor General for over five-plus years, first in Montana and then Nevada, two states in the Ninth Circuit where he would serve if confirmed. The Committee was tasked with balancing Mr. VanDyke’s accomplishments with strong evidence that supports a “Not Qualified” rating.

Mr. VanDyke’s accomplishments are offset by the assessments of interviewees that Mr. VanDyke is arrogant, lazy, an ideologue, and lacking in knowledge of the day-today practice including procedural rules. There was a theme that the nominee lacks humility, has an “entitlement” temperament, does not have an open mind, and does not always have a commitment to being candid and truthful.

ABA letter 10/29/19.

But yeah, congrats.


For more on the IG report you can find it here and here.

It’s not Déjà Vu, the President did in fact quote himself twice, using the same tweet.

Yeah, it’s amazing alright, that he’s still at around a 40 percent approval rating.

This would be the same Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) tweet that he already commented on.

Yeah, I’m sure they’d be giddy with joy that the President used his power as President to demand an investigation into a political rival.

According to Shutter Stock the above photo was taken at the Hebrew University Scopus Award Dinner on January 15th, 1990. Merv Griffin is also pictured.

I found one article that used the above image posted on August 31st, 2017 at DEADLINE written by Peter Bart. It was entitled Ronald Reagan Would Have Hated Donald Trump’s Narcissistic Rage.

According to the Washington Examiner UFC fighter Bryce Mitchell after winning a UFC fight at an event held in D.C., threatened to whip some politician butt, on behalf of President Trump.

Mitchell in part: And Donald Trump, I’m up here in D.C. If you need help whooping some politician, holler at me brotha, I’ll do it for free.

He made the threat after he thanked God for his family, friends, and teammates.

They do not explain why the President referenced ANTIFA in his tweet, but note that Antifa protesters have been strongly opposed to President Trump.


Using the Trump Twitter Archive‘s search feature this is 14th tweet using the phrase “deal with China.”

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the U.S. has made an offer to cut tariffs on 360 billion of Chinese-made goods, along with canceling a new round of levies scheduled to take effect on Sunday.

U.S. negotiators have offered to slash existing tariffs by as much as half on roughly $360 billion of Chinese-made goods as well as to cancel a new round of levies set to take effect Sunday, according to people briefed on the matter, as the two sides work toward a limited trade deal that could help prevent their shaky relationship from worsening.

The Wall Street Journal.

The new take on the use of the word “us,” from the July 25th memorandum of the call, was first issued by Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) during one of the Impeachment Inquiry hearings I believe when the lawyers presented their arguments to the Judiciary Committee.

On November 13th, 2019 USA TODAY published a fact-check of the President’s claim that European nations are not paying enough to aid Ukraine in their fight against Russia.

From the article:

European Union and European financial institutions have contributed more than $16.4 billion in grants and loans to Ukraine since 2014.

European countries have contributed an estimated two-thirds of all of the aid to Ukraine since Russia annexed Crimea in 2014 and launched a conflict in the Donbas region in eastern Ukraine, according to Iain King, a visiting fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

According to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, EU institutions top the OECD’s list of the top 10 donors of official development assistance to Ukraine, with $425.2 million contributed on average for 2016-2017. The U.S. was second with $204.4 million in assistance, closely followed by Germany, which contributed $189.8 million on its own, in addition to contributions it would have made through the European Union.

USA TODAY 11/13/19.

This clip was taken from the House Judiciary Committee markup.

I can tell you right now, unless the President fires someone, or declares war via tweet, this post will not be update.

This is still an Open Thread, even though it’s really late.

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