Trump Tweets on Christmas Eve Eve for Monday’s Open Thread

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There are only two sleeps until Christmas Day!!!!

For Christmas Eve Eve, the now Impeached President Donald Trump has tweeted 1 time and retweeted 3 times.

As a reminder the Republican’s lost Congress in 2018.

There is no trial in the House of Representatives. In the House, Committees investigate or oversee the Executive branch, if they discover Executive overreach, they then move toward Impeachment.

The trial is held in the Senate, that is where both sides argue for the removal of the President, Vice President, or a Federal Judge, who has been Impeached in the House.

For What It’s Worth.

The President last spring, directed former White House counsel Don McGahn to ignore a Congressional Subpoena setting up a court fight that challenges the claim that top Presidential advisers have absolute immunity from testifying as to their official duties.
During a South Lawn gaggle the President told gathered reporters, the plan was to “fight all subpoena’s” issued by the Democratic controlled House.

The Democrats have argued they and the public need to hear testimony from McGahn, after it was revealed McGahn told Special Counsel Robert Mueller, that the President had directed him to fire the Special Counsel. (Mueller Report). McGahn declined to carry out the President’s order.

The President has a long history of avoiding Congressional oversight. For example he stated that he likes “acting,” Cabinet members, such as Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf, making him the fifth person to lead Homeland Security under President Trump. By instilling Acting Cabinet Members the President avoids sending his nominees to the Senate for confirmation.

More recently during the House Impeachment process the President’s White House Counsel Pat Cipollone sent an 8 page letter explaining to the House that President Trump and his Administration “cannot participate in your partisan and unconstitutional inquiry.”

Prior to the start of the Impeachment Inquiry the President has fought to block a grand jury subpoena that was obtained by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance. The Subpoena was for three years worth of President Trump’s financial records from the Mazars USA accounting firm.

The case, which will be heard along with two others, by the Supreme Court in March, made a stop in the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, where it was argued:

Once the House Judiciary Committee took over the Impeachment Inquiry, Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) issued a letter to the President reminding him that he was allowed to participate in upcoming House Judiciary Committee hearing regarding Impeachment.

The President and his legal team declined.

From departments refusing to provide the House with subpoenaed documents, such as the State Departments refusal to turn over communications regarding the Trump-Ukraine matter. From the White House’s directions to former and current officials to decline offering testimony before the House Committees, such as McGahn. The President and his legal team have a long documented history of obstructing not only Congress, but also Justice, while they bemoan the fairness of it all.

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This is an Open Thread.

Happy Christmas Eve Eve, Everyone! For those that might be traveling this week, please be safe!

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