Trump Tweets on New Year’s Eve for Tuesday’s Open Thread

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We made it to the last “Trump Tweets” thread of 2019.

Looking back.

From January 1st 2019, to December 31st 2019, the now Impeached President of the United States Donald Trump has tweeted *6,911 times, he’s retweeted 875 times.

*The Trump Twitter Archive‘s count is possibly off by a few tweets and retweets*

I will not be posting all of his past tweets, as you can view the majority of them @ the News Blender. However, I will give an overview of President Trump’s year on Twitter, his favorite form of communication.

Witch Hunt: Appeared 173 times, most of those tweets “witch hunt,” was in ALL CAPS.

Never Trumper: 18 times, twice he used the term Human Scum to describe those of us that do not offer 100 percent Trump loyalty.

Democrats, which include his now favorite insult of “do nothing,” attached to the word has appeared 659 times.

Make America Great Again, his 2016 Presidential campaign slogan has appeared 50 times, while his 2020 slogan Keep America Great has appeared 28 times.

The President has Thanked someone/something on Twitter 447 times, typically when that someone/something has praised him.

Fake News has been seen in 271 tweets, while Enemy of the People has been used 21 of those times usually in conjunction with the term “fake news.” The word media has appeared 342 typically in conjunction with the words “fake news,” and corrupt/corruption.

Fox News has been *@’d 339, which includes the 122 times he @’d his Fox and Friends. CNN has been @’d or mentioned 88 times by name. The New York Times has been mentioned and/or @’d 55 times.

*this means that he’s tagging them in the tweet by using the @ sign.*

This is just a tiny sample of how our President spends most of his free time. Tweeting, repeating the same tired lies, the same debunked claims. It’s a feature not a bug.

For the last day of 2019 the Impeached President has tweeted 8 times so far.

As a reminder during former Vice President Joe Biden’s tenure in office, most of it, the Republican’s controlled both the House and the Senate. If Biden was engaged in quid pro quo with Ukraine, how come they did nothing? In fact as many media outlets have reported several Republican elected officials agreed with the Obama Administration and VP Biden at the time, that Ukraine needed to act in order to receive U.S. support.

I’m including the 6th tweet here, skipping the order as it’s connected to this tweet.

As the News Blender reported late Sunday protesters stormed an American Embassy in Baghdad.

The attack on the Iraqi compound was organized in retaliation to a series of airstrikes in northern Iraq yesterday which killed 25 members of Kataeb Hezbollah, a Iran-backed militia that had launched rocket attacks on an American position on Friday. The rockets had killed one American contractor and wounded six members of the joint American-Iraqi military operating forces (four Americans and two Iraqis.)

the News Blender.

The New York Times reported on Tuesday that the protesters did not enter the main embassy buildings, after they withdrew from the Embassy they joined, “thousands of protesters and militia fighters outside who chanted “Death to America,” threw rocks, covered the walls with graffiti and demanded that the United States withdraw its forces from Iraq.”

CNN is reporting that the Embassy in Baghdad’s green zone has been placed on lockdown according to an Embassy spokesman, the same spokesman told CNN that Matthew Tueller, the U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, is on vacation.

The Embassy staffs around 16,000 people, it’s not clear at this time how many are inside the embassy.

On Sunday a gunman identified as Keith Thomas Kinnunen, 43, was shot and killed by a volunteer member of a security team, according to the USA TODAY, Jack Wilson, is also running for Hood county commissioner.

The shooting took place at West Freeway Church of Christ, the shooter, Kinnunen, killed two people before Wilson and one other congregant had a clear line of fire to confront the shooter.

The victims of the shooting were 64 year-old Anton “Tony” Wallace and Richard White, 67. A motive for the shooting is unknown at this time.

Wilson explained that he was on high alert when he noticed Kinnunen enter the church wearing a hat, long coat, and wig.

Authorities said there were about 240 members of the church present on Sunday, the service was also being livestreamed.

As was covered in the Trump Tweets Monday thread, the Kremlin first announced the phone call between President Trump and Russian President Putin. It took 24 hours for the White House to acknowledge the call.

As explained by the Washington Post, the initial phase one deal between the U.S. and China was announced more than two weeks ago, but neither side has released the exact wording of the deal.

Updated (yeah, already)

To review the transcripts of all documents related to the Trump/Ukraine Impeachment you can find them linked @ Just Security.

This is President Trump’s 13th tweet telling us to read the transcripts.

I suspect this will be his theme of the day. I suspect also that retweeting a bunch of tweets will start soon.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has been named in 148 tweets for 2019. Including this tweet below.

April 2012

(from the link in the tweet) stupid to let it happen–now is the time for them to negotiate–“never overplay your hand.” [The apostrophe was included in the “twitlonger,” link.

July 2012.

August 2012.

October 2012.

He deleted the original of the above tweet, but as we say the internet is forever.

The Anti-Benghazi tweet IMO are reaction to media coverage.

Yeah, something different.

I want to wish you all a very happy New Year. Politics aside, we’ve had one hell of a 2019, and I look forward to spending 2020 with you wonderful souls. Be safe and may God Bless you.

This post will be updated within reason.

This is an Open Thread.

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