Trump Tweets on New Year’s Eve Eve for Monday’s Open Thread

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2019 is officially almost over, with only two days to go, if you count today. For New Year’s Eve Eve, the President has tweeted 1 time.

I have been unable to locate his actual statements regarding President Trump, however, I have found a clip that Hikind retweeted where he explained that “all the hate in New York is coming from the left.”

Hikind’s comments are in response to a stabbing in the home of a Hasidic Rabbi on Saturday during a Hanukkah celebration. The stabbing left five wounded.

The New York Times reported that as of Sunday morning 2 victims remained in the hospital according to police. One victim is in critical condition with a skull fracture.

The suspected attacker has been arrested and charged with 5 counts of attempted murder and one count of first degree burglary. 38 year-old, Grafton Thomas the alleged attacker has pleaded not guilty. Family members say the African American man suffers from long term mental illness problems.

It’s been reported that Thomas attempted to enter a Synagogue next door to the Rabbi’s home, following the stabbing, but those present in the Synagogue secured the facility quickly as they heard the shouting of the victims next door.

President Trump responded via Twitter on Sunday to the anti-Semitic attack.

The anti-Semitic attack at the Rabbi’s home came just a day after New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio explained via Twitter that the NYPD would start increasing their patrols in Jewish communities following an increase in anti-Semitic attacks.

On Friday the New York Times reported that de Blasio’s statement followed two incidents that happened in Crown Heights. Police say that a man who has not been identified walked into “the Chabad Lubavitch World Headquarters, approached a member of the Hasidic community and threatened to shoot someone,” the man fled the scene.

Earlier Friday, just after midnight, a woman identified by police as Tiffany Harris, slapped three women in the face. According to the Rodney Harrison, the Chief of Detectives, Harris admitted she slapped the women because she believed they were Jewish. Harris has been charged with first-degree harassment.

For What It’s Worth.

In Other News.

On Sunday the Kremlin announced that President Trump and President of Russia, Vladimir Putin held a telephone conversation in which the Kremlin says Putin thanked President Trump for information sent through special services that helped thwart terrorist acts in Russia.

The readout of the call goes on to say that the two President’s “discussed a range of issues of mutual interest and agreed to continue bilateral cooperation in combating terrorism.”

Let it sink in that the U.S. would not be aware of the call had the Kremlin not reported it.

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