The Bubble of Bullshit 1/23/2020

1. BoB says that Trump* doesn’t lie.

President Trump* compares his impeachment to the impeachment of Bill Clinton*. It’s very difficult for me to hold back when Trump* supporters still claim that he does not tell lies.

2. BoB says Schiff is just a habitual liar.

When The Right Scoop declared he was going to vote for Trump*, I was disgusted, after everything we had been through there for many months.
At the time he had assured us all that it wasn’t that he supported Trump* (he knew full well what Trump* was/is), but he just couldn’t stand the idea of President Hillary. I defended his decision at the time, but stated if he ever went all in for Trump*, I’d be gone. Well, we all know what happened from there. TRS has gone full-on, batshit Rudy for Trump* since then.

In this particular example of the BoB, they continue to claim that Schiff is just a total liar. So far, all of the examples that they provide are laughable. Wallace makes a claim that is very dubious, but TRS runs with it. The claim is that Schiff “completely misrepresented” what Mulvaney was referring to when he said “Get over it” in his notorious press conference. Wallace claims that he was simply stating that different administrations have different foreign policies, and that those policies are affected by politics, and that we should all just “Get over it”. So when Schiff uses that phrase in reference to Mulvaney saying that there was a quid pro quo, he is “completely misrepresenting” what Mulvaney said. I call bullshit on Wallace. Mulvaney clearly made the statement while justifying the quid pro quo, explaining that this stuff happens all the time.

You can’t separate the two…it was all an attempt to justify the quid pro quo…he wasn’t even denying it. Therefore, to claim that Schiff was “completely misrepresenting” Mulvaney’s words is absurd and if this is the type of stuff they’re going to use to prove that Schiff is a liar, then they are blatantly part of the BoB.

3. BoB tells us how awesome McCarthy is.

McCarthy: Adam Schiff fixated on a ‘cover up’ but he’s the one covering up

Hannity and McCarthy…This video completely speaks for itself…no further comment needed.

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