Trump Tweets: Early Morning Ranting for Tuesday’s Open Thread

Trump Tweets Logo. Image by Lenny Ghoul.

On Monday President Impeached held a Make America Great Again/Keep America Great rally from New Hampshire. The rally, which I forgot to cover for the News Blender, was according to Daniel Dale via @FactbaseFeed…

After he sent his standard thanks to insert state name here tweet…

President Impeached posted a clip of Larry David’s show, Curb Your Enthusiasm. He did so without irony…

The clip includes the word “fuck,” and “motherfucker,” but Larry in a brilliant move places a MAGA hat on his head and the cussing “tough guy,” biker becomes sweet as pie…

Let it sink in America that the Impeached President did not understand that he and his supporters were being mocked…

After that the Impeached President settled on Twitter, until after midnight D.C., time.

It started with retweets of Judicial Watch founder Tom Fitton leading to the standard refrain…

In the video clip Tom Fitton bashes the FBI, urges President Impeached to appoint a “special counsel,” to investigate the abuse of President Impeached at the hands of those that found his behavior toward Ukraine, the Biden’s and our elections, impeachable… He also takes credit for Her Emails being investigated by the FBI.

President Impeached moves on to lamenting the sentence recommendations of Roger Stone, in two tweets, separated by retweets and whining about Senator Sherrod Brown’s wife and a tweet that speaks to his Dover visit where he paid respects to two fallen soldiers killed in Afghanistan over the weekend.

CNN reported that according to a new court filing prosecutors have recommended that informal Trump campaign adviser and friend to President Impeached receive between seven to nine years in prison for, lying to Congress and tampering with witnesses during the Russian Investigation.

Stone was convicted by a jury of his peers, on all seven counts brought against him. Stone is scheduled to be sentenced next week.

Allegedly according to Jake Gibson and David Spunt of Fox News this happened…

President Impeached is friendly with Fox News show host Sean Hannity. His daughter and her husband work for us, unpaid, but still, they work inside our White House, as do, the Children of William Barr and Rudy Giuliani. I could go on and on.

CBS News reported that the Defense Department identified the two U.S. soldiers killed on Saturday in Afghanistan as “Sergeant Javier Jaguar Gutierrez, 28, of San Antonio and Sergeant Antonio Rey Rodriguez, also 28, of Las Cruces, New Mexico. Six other American soldiers were wounded in the attack.” Vice President Mike Pence was all present in Dover to pay his respects.

He continued Tuesday’s tweets by tweeting 5 more times so far.

Bestest ever…

Considering the Government doesn’t spend my (our) money wisely, why should we?

This tweet replaces this one…

Captured from

The New York Times reports that the audio clip of Presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg was recorded in 2015, in which the former Mayor of New York defends Stop and Frisk.

Bloomberg made the states to Aspen Times, in February of 2015 at the time they explained, “Michael Bloomberg representatives have asked the Aspen Institute not to distribute footage of his recent appearance in Aspen, where the three-term New York City mayor made pointed comments concerning minorities and gun control.”

“We basically honor the wishes of our speakers, and Mayor Bloomberg preferred that we not use the video for broadcast,” the Institute’s chief external affairs officer Jim Spiegelman wrote in an email Friday. “He did not give a reason nor did we have any reason to ask for one. We often feature speakers who prefer that their presentations not be videotaped.”

Aspen Times 2015.

The release of the taped audio comes as New Hampshire holds their Democratic Presidential Primary, today.

As a reminder the Federal Reserve lowered the interest rate twice in 2019.

From the New York Times:

The Fed’s policy interest rate is now set in a range of 1.75 to 2 percent, and not a single official sees it falling lower than 1.5 to 1.75 percent through the end of 2022.

The New York Times Sept. 2019.

President Impeached twice on Twitter called for negative interest rates.

Sept. 22nd, 2019.

October 29th, 2019.

The post might be updated.

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