Trump Tweets: They’ve Been Triggered for Wednesday’s Open Thread

Trump Tweets Logo. Image by Lenny Ghoul.

President Impeached has tweeted 3 times.

His ego has no bottom.

On Tuesday as the News Blender featured the Impeached President Donald J. Trump offered America his 3rd State of the Union.

The speech had good points, I suppose, not outweighed by the lies it contained of course, but at the end of his speech, the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) dared to rip up a copy of the Impeached President’s speech.

*gasp horror*

It didn’t take long for the action to become internet famous, or infamous.

Her simple action of physically tearing up the speech, has triggered President Impeached sending him into a frenzy of *23 retweets highlighting her horrid behavior.

For Example.

Our Twitter account responded…

This is a truly pathetic look for our White House.

*his total retweets is 25 only two were about things, not related to Pelosi.*

Now, it can be argued that her behavior was childish, uncalled for, it wasn’t, but the argument can be made that she should have held back, given the State of the Union it’s due, regardless of who was delivering the message.

However, this is about the triggering, the absolute hair-on-fire of the Right that somehow in someway, Pelosi needs held to a higher standard than that of a sitting President.

I could list all the ways in which the Right, the so-called Conservative media and pundits alike are giant hypocrites with no bottom, but we’ve been there done that.

Today, the Republican Senators, and possibly some Democratic ones are going to hand President Impeached a crown and throne, by failing to remove him from office for violating our Constitution and placing his political needs above that of our Country’s needs.

They will essentially thumb their noses at not only the American people, but at our Founding Fathers who took on the British Monarch and won and created a Republic, if you can keep it.

In our Constitution they outlined specifically their concern that a President would Abuse his Power of Office by placing their own self-interests above that of our nation. That this man, the leader of the Free World, would in fact Obstruct the checks and balances they so carefully crafted to check Presidential power.

Today, the Republican’s and again maybe some Democrat’s, will give President Impeached blanket permission to continue to Abuse his Power, and Obstruct Congressional oversight.

But, by all means let’s focus on #NancytheRipper.

President Impeached non-State of the Union Tweet.

On Monday as the News Blender featured, the Democratic Iowa Caucus was held. Shortly after it began confusion settled and the results were delayed, with only some results being released on Tuesday.

Prior to the release of some of the results on Tuesday the Iowa Democratic Chair spoke with reporters explaining that the confusion was caused by a coding error, apologizing for the problems, he said were “unacceptable.”

It was reported that the same APP that caused the chaos in Iowa would be used again in Nevada on Feb. 22nd, 2020, the Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy II released a statement regarding the upcoming primary.

@ 8:51 a.m. CA time trending on Twitter

1. #NancyPelosiROCKS

3. #NancytheRipper

5. #PelosiTantrum
This one made me LOL, President Impeached fled a country when it was reported other foreign leaders mocked him. President Impeached issues dozen’s of tweets a day about witch hunt’s and hoax’s, but ripping up paper is a tantrum.

It’s possible this post will be updated within reason.

This is an Open Thread.

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