Amy Klobuchar Drops From Race

One hour after asserting at a campaign stop that she was intending to stay in the race until at least after the Super Tuesday votes, Senator Amy Klobuchar has dropped from the Presidential race and endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden.

Her departure tightens the race to four candidates who are projected to win delegates on Super Tuesday: Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Mike Bloomberg and Elizabeth Warren. Her endorsement is meant to encourage her supporters to vote for Biden instead in tomorrow’s races.

Sanders retains a significant lead in some states like Vermont and, especially noteworthy, California. He holds a smaller lead in Texas, which is the second-largest resource for delegates in play during tomorrow’s elections; the departure of Buttigieg, Steyer and Klobuchar are all expected to boost Biden at the polls there. It remains to be seen how much of the youth and hispanic votes – both of which trend toward Sanders – will manifest at the polls.

By having experienced rivals drop, the Democratic primary is deviating from the path which led to Donald Trump leading a nativist campaign into the White House, but the publicity and support Sanders has generated looks to keep him a contender through the upcoming weeks.

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