The Bubble of Bullshit – 3/13/2020

A couple of days ago, President Trump met with various representatives of the banking industry concerning the measures they are taking to help in the efforts to deal with the coronavirus pandemic as well as the resulting economic ramifications of it.

One of the statements by Trump during this meeting was very telling, as far as how he has viewed the threat from the beginning and helps explain his lack of proactive measures to deal with it:

THE PRESIDENT: I think they’re going to be great. I think the folks around this table are the ones that finance them. And they understand. And they’re great companies, but we’re having to fix a problem that, four weeks ago, nobody ever thought would be a problem. Nobody — you read about them. You read about them from 1917 and you read about them from lots of other times. But nobody thought that we would seeing — we were just discussing that. This came out of nowhere. And it actually came out of China, which is the way it works.

Remarks by President Trump in Meeting with Bankers on COVID-19

The bolded part in the quote was emphasized by me, in order to demonstrate a point. I’d like to explain what Trump means by, “nobody ever thought would be a problem.”

You see, not only is Trump one of the top leaders and creators of the Bubble of Bullshit, but he is also one of the many inhabitants of it.

In a sense, Trump is no different than all of the people we know and love who are stuck in the BoB. He constantly watches FoxNews and listens to Rush and Hannity. This is where he gets ALL of his information. He tunes out everything else, whether it’s CNN , his intelligence briefings, or the experts in viral outbreaks, just like so many that we know.

So, when he says, “nobody ever thought would be a problem”, he is reflecting the general consensus held within the BoB. Remember, they believe they are the most informed, that they are the sane ones, and everyone else is simply lying or duped by the Dems and media. And the people in the BoB were all told and believed (many still do) that this is not a real serious threat…that it’s no worse than the common cold.

What is most dangerous about Trump is that he, just like all the others, believes all of the bullshit. I actually think he, after repeating them so many times, really starts to believe his own lies. But make no mistake, he really believes that four weeks ago, nobody really thought that the coronavirus posed a real threat.

And this is why Trump is so dangerous. This is why his unfitness is such that no matter what kind of justices he appoints, no matter what kind of temporary tax cut he signs, no matter how many regulations he cuts, the real danger he presents far outweighs those temporary political “wins”, such that they are.

These dangers will cost lives. The actions that Trump and his team announced today are good. They finally demonstrate that he is taking it seriously. But there is no denying that we wasted precious time, somewhere between at least 4-8 weeks, while Trump was stuck in his BoB mindset and denied that this was a real threat, no matter what the experts around him told him. The steps that they announced today should have been announced weeks ago. The media was rightly alerting us all to the real dangers that Trump is just now realizing. And while they were doing so, Trump and his minions were denigrating them, claiming it was all a hoax intended to hurt Trump. And would anyone be surprised, even after declaring a state of emergency today, if Trump tweeted out tomorrow how it’s all a hoax and the media and Dems are just out to get him?

We cannot allow this to continue. It’s bad enough when friends and family are stuck in the BoB. It’s frustrating, disappointing, and depressing. But the damage they can do is limited compared to a President of the United States that is stuck in the BoB. A great many lives can be lost or greatly impaired by that.

Trump must go.

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