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In 2018, the Owl covered April Winchell’s famed and now-defunct website, Regretsy. It featured horrible handmade failures and oddities which had been found on the crafting website Etsy (an example of which is in the photo above.) Her successful career as a voice actress was also mentioned.

What was not touched upon at the time was the other web page of questionably valuable information she produced… and, unlike Regretsy, this page still exists. It’s her audio collection.

What types of things might you find there? Well, there are songs from celebrities, such as “Kinky Boots” by the Avengers pairing of Patrick MacNee and Honor Blackman or “Mr. Tambourine Man” sung by Jerry Springer; F-bomb laced outtakes from a Thundercats recording; and Swedish Elvis impersonator Eilert Pilarm covering songs like “Hound Dog” (there are many attempts at covering famed tunes in alternate languages to be discovered in the archive; note, the many successful attempts at doing so will not generally be found there.

She’s got a large selection of people trying to cover Nirvana, and an even larger bunch of attempted covers of the Beatles… such as Robin Williams’ rendition of “Come Together“.

There are even obscure spoken word pieces, such as Vincent Price’s tongue-in-cheek explanation of how to make a curry out of small boys.

We may not have a good place to find a taxidermy mash-up of a squirrel wearing a fish coat anymore, but she’s provided a place to hunt down a night’s entertainment anyway.

Question of the night: What’s your favorite Beatles, Nirvana or Elvis cover?

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