Trump Tweets “Money will soon be coming,” for Wednesday’s Open Thread

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It’s Wednesday aka Friday Eve-Eve.

For Friday Eve-Eve President Impeached has tweeted 9 times and retweeted once, so far.

No worries peeps suffering from that “Chinese Virus,” tax payer money is on the way!

At Tuesday’s daily press briefing on the coronavirus situation Secretary of Treasury Steven Mnuchin explained that President Impeached would like to get cash in the hands of American’s hurt financially by the social distancing and bar and restaurant closures [most restaurants across the nation are still open they are just half-full, or switching to take out only].

There are numbers floating around, both in terms of how much American’s will get, what the qualification income cut-off will be, and for how long American’s will receive the money.

The numbers in dollars, is 1,000 up to 4,000. In order to qualify for the cash payment, the annual household income must either be 100,000 and below, or maybe 75,000 and below.

Duration ranges from monthly until the crisis passes or it could possibly end up a one-time cash payment. Mnuchin believes the plan can be arranged quickly with payments sent out in two-weeks. Mnuchin does not mention numbers, just says, “I will be previewing that with the Republicans,” he adds, “there are some numbers out there they maybe a little bigger than what’s in the process.”

After the presser Mnuchin spoke with the press announcing a new stimulus package that is a “big number,” it would inject $1 trillion into the economy, he adds, “that’s on top of the $300 billion from the IRS deferrals.”

Congressional Budget Office; Outlays [what the government spends] $4 trillion for fiscal year 2020, revenue $3.6 trillion, Deficit $1 trillion, and public debt held by the public [end of fiscal year] $17.9 trillion. These numbers were the Budget Projection numbers as of January 2020.

Again folks not to worry President Impeached aka I never turn down putting other people’s children children’s children into the poor house, will…

President Impeached: When these trade deals kick-in and when all–you know the economy is the best economy we’ve ever had, it’s nothing compared to what it’s going to be. When the trade deals kick in.

Martha MacCallum: If you don’t do something on entitlements you’ll never really deal with the debt.

President Impeached: Oh, will we be cutting, but we are also going to have growth like we’ve never had before.

He then announces he’ll be holding yet another presser aka mini-rally or my personal thoughts, ‘orgy.’

To review the presser [note: I’m writing this from the future where it hasn’t happened just yet] @ the News Blender.

President Impeached moves on from his mini-rally announcement to focus on how he’s always known and taken seriously the threat of the coronavirus. Note he again calls it the “Chinese Virus,” which isn’t even accurate, in the early days of the virus it was called the Wuhan Virus, as that’s where the cases first appeared.

I shamelessly stole this from the comment section of the Night Owl

President Impeached aka the Liar-in-Chief moves on to focus on the primary election held on Tuesday, where voters voted for former Vice President Joe Biden, over Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT).

He deleted the first try at blaming the DNC for voters voting.

Fat =’s far…

As the News Blender covered on Tuesday, Biden won all three states, including Florida, that went ahead with their primary. But, yeah, it’s totally the DNC’s fault.

53 percent overall; according to Rasmussen Reports for March 18th, the Presidential approval tracker has him at 46 percent approve, while 53 disapprove. It’s likely that President Impeached mixed up the approval and disapproval percentages.

Moving away from misunderstanding his poll numbers he focuses back on the coronavirus.

As explained in the Presser news Blender Thread, Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau has confirmed the “mutual consent,” between our country and his to close non-essential travel.

Moving away from Presidential business, sort of, he thanks Target.

Target’s CEO Brain Cornell announced on Tuesday, that starting on Wednesday [today] two changes would into place and last until further notice:

We’ll reduce hours and close all stores by 9 p.mdaily. This will help us as we replenish and deeply clean our stores for our guests. And it builds on measures we shared earlier this month, including enhanced cleaning and more staffing for in-demand services that support social distancing, like Order Pickup and Drive Up. 

We’ll also reserve the first hour of shopping each Wednesday to support vulnerable guests, including the elderly and those with underlying health concerns.

Target. 03/17/2020.

This post maybe updated within reason.

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