Trump Tweets on Friday Eve, for Thursday’s Open Thread

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It’s Thursday, also known as Friday Eve or the Day the Stock Market erased 3 years worth of gains…good times.

For Friday Eve/Stock Market Erase Gain Day President Impeached has tweeted 2 times, and retweeted 30 times.

In his first tweet he quotes his favorite news network and show. The tweet came 15 minutes before the Stock Market opened, that becomes relevant later.

You’re going to take home more money…and then have to pay it back at tax time.

In 2012 Rep. Nancy Pelosi supported a pay roll tax compromise bill presented in the House of Reps.

A transcript of her remarks can be found here.

From the transcript in part:

first I want to say that this represents a victory for the middle class in our country.  And I salute President Obama for going out there so strongly in taking this message to the American people.  That it was very important for us to have a payroll tax cut for the middle class.  It’s important to those families because it puts 40 dollars more into a paycheck, to buy groceries, to buy gasoline, to make ends meat, to make ends meat.  But, in addition to being personally helpful to families, it has a macroeconomic effect.  Because these families will immediately spend that money, inject demand into the economy, and that is a job creator.  And any economist will tell you, that this is very important to continuing the economic recovery in our country, to have rejected it, as had been in the mix earlier, would have halted, if not turned back, our economic recovery.

So, let us recognize that–we have three pillars, that we insisted be in this package.  We on the Democratic side.  One, that we would have a payroll tax cut for 160 million Americans, preferably unpaid for.  And that it is the way it is in this bill.  What is unfortunate, is that we did not use our choice of a pay for, should it be paid for, the surcharge, to cover the unemployment insurance, that would have been a preferable place to go–the extension of unemployment insurance.  It could of also been used to pay for the SGR, the ability for seniors to see their doctors, instead of taking money out of the prevention piece of the Affordable Care Act.  Prevention makes America healthier, it saves money, it expands opportunity for people to get in the health care loop.  That’s unfortunate.  And it could have been avoided, as well as the unfortunate provision relating to our public employees.  And even on that score, as Mr. Hoyer and Mr. Van Hollen said, there was a further compromise that could have been made that addressed some of the needs of the Republicans to vote for this bill, without doing more harm to the, as Mr. Hoyer said, the recruitment, the retention of public employees–the best, the best public employees to help implement our laws.  And I want to salute all of them for their patriotic duty to our country: to keep us safe in every possible way, to allow commerce to proceed in a very positive way.

Pelosi Floor remarks. 02/17/2012.

Yahoo Finance reported on Wednesday that Pelosi recently argued “that cutting payroll tax is too broad a measure and ideas should be focused on those actually impacted by COVID-19. “We’re not talking about massively saying we’re going to have family medical leave, we’re saying if you are affected by the coronavirus,” you should get help, she said of the emerging Democratic plans on Monday.

at 10:44 a.m. as the market tumbled President Impeached focused on…

The Washington Post reported on Wednesday that the House passed a bipartisan bill that would institute some “changes to the government’s surveillance authority while also imposing new requirements on the way the FBI obtains wiretapping warrants in national security investigations following criticism of its monitoring of a Trump campaign adviser in 2016.”

According to the article the changes to the USA Freedom ACT would ensure the rights to privacy of U.S. citizens, while also making needed changes to the FISA application process.

According to The Hill, Senators, Mike Lee (R-UT), and Rand Paul (R-KY) have urged President Impeached to veto the bill.

The Bill has moved to the Senate where it still needs to pass before reaching President Impeached desk.

As to the timing of the tweet, as the News Blender covered this morning, after President Impeached National Address, the DOW futures tumbled signaling a huge lose at the open of the Stock Exchange on Thursday.

Currently the DOW is down 2,100 plus points or 9 percent. (Business Insider).

Asked about the falling market President Impeached said:

“Gasoline prices will be coming down.”

In Other News:

He was asked why he hadn’t consulted European leaders on the travel ban, that affects foreign nationals, not American citizens. He said:

Asked about cancelling rallies…

“We want to lose as few people as possible,” is an actual quote from President Impeached regarding the COVID-19 outbreak.

Currently happening on The Hill.

A highlight from the hearing regarding testing for the coronavirus.

Scheduled to happen at 1 p.m. eastern time Democratic hopeful former Vice President Joe Biden is expected to speak regarding the COVID-19 outbreak.

At this time, I’d like to explain that this mornings developments relating to the coronavirus outbreak are a bit overwhelming. We learned last night just minutes after President Impeached spoke to the nation, that actor Tom Hanks, his actress wife Rita Wilson have tested positive for the virus and are stuck in Australia, where they will remain in isolation.

We also learned that due to a NBA player testing positive for the disease that the NBA has cancelled the 2020 basketball season. The NCAA has also cancelled their tournaments.

The DNC is moving their scheduled audience free debate from Arizona to D.C.. Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau is self-isolating as his wife awaits the results of her COVID-19 test, after she returned from a trip aboard felling ill.

If that wasn’t enough to pop your head, it’s also being reported that President Impeached along with Vice President Pence may have been exposed to COVID-19.

To be fair there are conflicting reports, some saying the test results are not known yet, but likely to be positive, others saying he has tested positive.

My point is, it’s overwhelming an anxiety is not abnormal as a result of the coming at us fast news.


President Impeached has posted four new tweets…in ALL CAPS!

@2:01 p.m. D.C. time.

Regarding the news that President Impeached and Vice President Mike, “President Trump is Great,” Pence, coming into contact with an official that has tested positive for COVID-19 the White House offered this statement.

“almost no interactions.”


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