Watch Live: President Trump to Address the Nation Regarding the Coronavirus

Plaid Shirt Guy making faces at the Montana Donald Trump rally. Image Capture by TNB.

President Trump aka President Impeached announced via Twitter that he would be addressing the nation at 9 p.m. D.C. time, regarding the coronavirus outbreak.

The address comes just hours after the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, a pandemic.

Ahead of his address President Impeached met with bankers where he took some questions from the press.

1917 =’s the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic.

Four weeks ago, the U.S., already had 60 cases, 15 of which were not related to the Diamond Cruise ship passengers.

CNN Timeline of the outbreak.

January 21st, U.S. officials confirm the first case in Washington State.

officials in Washington state on Tuesday confirmed the first case on US soil. The patient is a male in his 30’s who is under observation at Providence Regional Medical Center Everett

CNN. 01/22/2020.

January 29th, 2020, The White House announces a coronavirus task.

On the 30th of January the first confirmed case of community spread is reported.

Need I continue?

ABC News reported on Wednesday that over 1,000 people have the coronavirus and that 36 people have died.

Politico is reporting that President Impeached teased his address during his meeting with the bankers, saying that the Administration has been discussing “various forms,” of an economic stimulus.

One such plan is to cut the payroll tax or maybe get rid of it “entirely.”

Prior to tweeting his announced Oval Office address President Impeached tweeted that he would use the full force of the government to deal with the health crisis.

CNN President Impeached Fact Checker Daniel Dale has counted 28 false, misleading, or dubious claims by President Impeached regarding the coronavirus.

Asked what he’d say to Americans that have concerns President Impeached is not taking the threat of the virus serious, President Impeached responses, “that’s CNN-fake News.”

His last tweet sent at 6:04 D.C. time told the media they should consider this as a time to show “unity and strength.”

Live Feeds.

CNBC News.

Yahoo Finance.

NBC News.

For What It’s Worth:

Aside from trying to reassure the Stock Market, which lost more than 1,400 points on Wednesday, it’s being reporting that he will also announce measures to limit travelers from and possibly to Europe.

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