Trump Tweets “WHICH WAY WE WANT TO GO,” for Monday’s Open Thread

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It’s Monday.

For Monday President Impeached has tweeted 6 times and retweeted 24 times.

America First, but we will let Japan be our guide…

The New York Times reported on Sunday, that The International Olympic Committee has said that within four weeks they would announce whether they would be postponing the Summer 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, or if they simply scale them down in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

It was not long after the announcement by the IOC, that support for the games continued to crumble, with Canada saying it would not be sending athletes to the Summer Games. Australia told its athletes to prepare for Summer Games to be rescheduled for 2021.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan told members of Parliament, “I couldn’t think of cancellation,” but he added, “I think we may not have a choice but to make a decision to postpone, putting a priority on athletes.”

The IOC said in their statement that cancelling the Games scheduled to begin on July 24th, wouldn’t solve any problems or help anybody, therefore it’s not on the agenda.

IOC President Thomas Bach sent a letter to Global athletes saying in part:

In this unprecedented crisis we are all united. Like you, we are very much concerned about what the COVID-19 pandemic is doing to people’s lives. Human lives take precedence over everything, including the staging of the Games. The IOC wants to be part of the solution. Therefore we have made it our leading principle to safeguard the health of everyone involved, and to contribute to containing the virus. I would like to assure you that we will adhere to this in all our decisions concerning the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

What we all share, however, is tremendous uncertainty. This uncertainty rocks our nerves and raises or strengthens doubts about a positive future; it destroys hope. Some even have to fear for their very existence. This uncertainty stems from the fact that, at this moment, nobody can really make fully reliable statements about the duration of this fight against the virus. This is true for sport, science, the media, politics, and all of society. Therefore also the IOC can unfortunately not answer all your questions. This is why we are relying on the advice of a Task Force including the World Health Organization (WHO).

So, like you, we are in a dilemma: Cancellation of the Olympic Games would destroy the Olympic dream of 11,000 athletes from all 206 National Olympic Committees, from the IOC Refugee Olympic Team, most likely for the Paralympic athletes, and for all the people who are supporting you as coaches, doctors, officials, training partners, friends and family. Cancellation would not solve any problem and would help nobody. Therefore it is not on our agenda.

Thomas Bach. 03/22/2020.

He moves on from waiting for Japan’s Abe, his “great friend,” to decide what’s best for American athletes to thanking a man named Robert Barnes.

Currently the DOW is down around 500 points. The sell-off comes as the market awaits stimulus action from Congress and after the Federal Reserve announced Unlimited QE.

We move on from thanking Robert for his promised President Impeached statute to focus on social distancing.

CNN is reporting that aides President Impeached is “itching,” to ease the guidelines at the end of the 15 day period.

Based on a President Impeached tweet from Sunday evening, I suspect the aides are correct.

March 13th, 2020, President Impeached announced a 15 day *self-isolating, social distancing plan to “bend the curve,” of the spread of the coronavirus. The end of the 15 day period using that date would be the upcoming weekend, March 28th-29th.

For What It’s Worth:

*self-isolating simply means limiting trips to stores, avoid eating in restaurants, and going to bars.*

President Impeached moves on to thanking American’s for doing as they say and not as they do.

President Impeached: I want to thank all Americans for pulling together, for coming together, for doing what they have to do. It’s been incredible. It’s been inspirational. All over the world they are watching, but all over the world they also have problems. Its [coronavirus] in over a 120 countries. It’s called the invisible enemy and that’s what it is. It is an invisible enemy, but we are doing tremendous work–the truckers, the doctors, the nurses, everybody. They are just doing tremendously and of course you’ve heard it a thousands times wash your hands, good hygiene, all of that, but social distancing, keep away its going to have no place to go and I just want to thank you all as President I want to thank you for the incredible job you are all doing. There is sprite in our country like never before. We are really–we’ve pulled together as a unit, we’ve pulled together as a country. We will prevail together, We love the USA.

Moving away from the invisible enemy he all caps about borders.

Um–if it’s an invisible enemy how the hell would a WALL help in keeping it outside our country?

President Impeached moves on from borders to attack the New York Times.

I really have zero idea what story from the New York Times he is referencing. Headlines typically change on the same story, when new information is added, or simply more information such as when breaking news occurs.

Also the New York Times, has a live-update coronavirus thread that changes headlines repeatedly as they added new updates.

Moving away from bashing the New York Times he posts an article from the New York Post.

According to the linked article a Florida Man, told Los Angeles’ Fox 11 that he believes an anti-malaria drug saved his life after contracting COVID-19.

From the article:

Rio Giardinieri, 52, told Los Angeles’ Fox 11 that he struggled with horrendous back pain, headaches, cough and fatigue for five days after catching COVID-19, possibly at a conference in New York.

I was at the point where I was barely able to speak and breathing was very challenging,” Giardinieri said. “I really thought my end was there.”

Then a friend sent him a recent article about hydroxychloroquine, a prescription drug that’s been used to treat malaria for decades and auto-immune diseases like lupus. Overseas studies have found it to be promising as a treatment for COVID-19, though it hasn’t been approved by health officials.

Giardinieri said he contacted an infectious disease doctor about the drug.
“He gave me all the reasons why I would probably not want to try it because there are no trials, there’s no testing, it was not something that was approved,” said Giardinieri.
“And I said, ‘Look, I don’t know if I’m going to make it until the morning,’ because at that point I really thought I was coming to the end because I couldn’t breathe anymore,” Giardinieri continued.

The New York Post. 03/22/2020.

Giardinieri says after three doses of the medicine by IV, he has had no fever and can breathe again. He believes he will be discharged from the hospital in 5 day. Giardinieri was given the drug on Saturday.

There is no mention in the article that the drug will be started in “New York and other places,” on Tuesday.

In Stock Market News…

At 8:57 CA time the market is sliding.
DOW JONES: -829.
NASDAQ: -198.
S&P 500: 104.

There is a scheduled mini-rally aka press briefing scheduled for this evening at 5:30 p.m. D.C. time.

This post maybe updated within reason.

This is an Open Thread.

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