Watch Live: White House Press Briefing

Trump Administration Wheel of Fish parody. Image by Lenny Ghoul.

President Impeached is scheduled to give the American people an update on what the Federal Government is doing regarding the coronavirus U.S. outbreak.

Monday’s presser set to start somewhere after 5:30 p.m., is reportedly going to be attended by Attorney General William Barr.



It’s really too bad, that EO can’t prevent Congress from price gouging the American tax payer…

In other news but relating to the daily mini-rallies…

As the News Blender reported on Monday morning, in response to coronavirus pandemic, the Federal Reserve announced unlimited QE. In related news the DOW Jones closed down -582.05 points or 3.04 percent, finishing the day at 18,591.93. With the NASDAQ losing -18.84 or 0.27 percent to finish at 6,860.67. The S&P 500 closed the day down -67.52 points or 2.93 percent finishing at 2,237.40.

Who knew throwing everything and the kitchen sink at the market would end badly?

As mentioned in the Trump Tweets thread, there are reports that President Impeached would like ease guidelines set in place to help lessen the spread of the coronavirus to allow the people the ability to get back to work.

Larry Kudlow chief economic adviser for President Impeached was asked about this tweet…

During a Fox News appearance in which Kudlow said “the President is right,” he added that he spoke to President Impeached about this subject late yesterday evening.

I suspect President Impeached will be asked about the stalled COVID-19 rescue package currently heading nowhere in the Senate.

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While it’s scheduled to start at 5:30 we should expect President Impeached to be late.

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