Trump Tweets “VERY good,” for Friday’s Open Thread

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It’s Friday aka Another Day Ending in “Y”.

As we all know…

Not only at night, but in the daytime too! #Winning.

For Another Day Ending in “Y” President I’m not a Doctor, but I attempt to play one on TV, has tweeted 10 times and retweeted 7 times so far.

He says that he and his administration are getting “VERY good reviews” for their handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

As the News Blender featured on Thursday, President “Do Not Take My Medical Advice Ever” Trump, held a daily campaign rally, during the campaign rally, he wondered out loud, if Doctors could maybe inject disinfectant into a person with the coronavirus in attempt to clean their lungs. He also wondered out loud if maybe UV light might cure the disease.

From the White House transcript.

President Dumbass:  Thank you very much.  So I asked Bill a question that probably some of you are thinking of, if you’re totally into that world, which I find to be very interesting.  So, supposing we hit the body with a tremendous — whether it’s ultraviolet or just very powerful light — and I think you said that that hasn’t been checked, but you’re going to test it.  And then I said, supposing you brought the light inside the body, which you can do either through the skin or in some other way, and I think you said you’re going to test that too.  It sounds interesting.

ACTING UNDER SECRETARY BRYAN:  We’ll get to the right folks who could.

President Dumbass:  Right.  And then I see the disinfectant, where it knocks it out in a minute.  One minute.  And is there a way we can do something like that, by injection inside or almost a cleaning.  Because you see it gets in the lungs and it does a tremendous number on the lungs.  So it would be interesting to check that.  So, that, you’re going to have to use medical doctors with.  But it sounds — it sounds interesting to me.

So we’ll see.  But the whole concept of the light, the way it kills it in one minute, that’s — that’s pretty powerful.

In response to his statements RB the markers of Lysol and Dettol, issued a statement telling people under no circumstances should their disinfectant products be injected or ingested.

Due to recent speculation and social media activity, RB (the makers of Lysol and Dettol) has been asked whether internal administration of disinfectants may be appropriate for investigation or use as a treatment for coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2).

As a global leader in health and hygiene products, we must be clear that under no circumstance should our disinfectant products be administered into the human body (through injection, ingestion or any other route).  As with all products, our disinfectant and hygiene products should only be used as intended and in line with usage guidelines. Please read the label and safety information.

We have a responsibility in providing consumers with access to accurate, up-to-date information as advised by leading public health experts. For this and other myth-busting facts, please visit
For more information on our response to COVID-19, visit this link: Coronavirus information

RB. 04/24/2020.

Our latest get paid to tweet, and not address the media, unless it’s Fox News, Press Secretary Kayleigh McEany issued a statement that the media is irresponsibly taking our President Dumbass out of context.

Hear that American’s he was simply suggesting “we” ask our doctors about possibly using disinfectant in injection form to clean our lungs of the deadly coronavirus.

But hey, at least he’s getting VERY good reviews.

He moves on from his good reviews to blast Fake News.

The Detroit News reported on Thursday that according to a Democratic district leader State Rep. Karen Whitsett (D-Detroit) broke “protocol by meeting with President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence during an April 14 meeting of COVID-19 survivors, during which she credited hydroxychloroquine for saving her life.”

Their source from the news came from Gongwer News Service, which you have to be a member of to access the websites information.

But according to them Gongwer News Service said the group of State democrats planning on Censuring the first time State Rep., will hold a Zoom meeting Saturday to present the resolution. If passed, it would mean she would not receive the groups endorsement this year or be able to engage in group actives for two election cycles.

The group, as first reported by Gongwer News Service, plans to vote Saturday via Zoom on a resolution to censure Whitsett, a first-term lawmaker representing the 9th Michigan House District.
The admonition means she will not get the group’s endorsement for this year nor will she be able to engage in the group’s activities for the next two election cycles. 

The Detroit News. 04/23/2020.

He moves us away from State politics and name calling to pretending once again, the danger from the coronavirus has past.

The Mayor of Atlanta, Keisha Lance Bottoms urged people in Atlanta to stay home even as the state of Georgia reopens.

She also addressed the comments from President Dumbass injecting disinfectants as a “cure” or at least his asking the medical community to try it.

I’ve made the Executive Decision to skip the next couple of tweets to visit them down thread.

On April 21st, during the nightly campaign rally, President Dumbass was asked about concerns that Georgia opening businesses where social distancing is impossible such as hair salons, might hurt near by states such as South Carolina President Dumbass said, via the White House Transcript.

And Mr. President, what — what do you say to the concerns — like, Georgia is opening up barbershops and bowling alleys and the like?  And you saw Lindsey Graham is saying he’s concerned that Georgia may be going too far too fast, and it could affect people in South Carolina. Obviously, people travel back and forth between states.  How do you protect the people of South Carolina, for example, from a potentially bad decision by a governor in Georgia?

President Dumbass: So he’s a very capable man. He knows what he’s doing. He’s done a very good job as governor — Georgia. And — and, by the way, and South Carolina. Governor McMaster also. So you have two very capable people. We’re going to find out. And, in fact, I’m scheduled to speak to the governor of Georgia in a little while.  But we’ll — we’ll find out.

Q  But what about Lindsey Graham’s concern that what happens in Georgia can affect someone in South Carolina?

President Dumbass: Well, everybody — I have a concern about what happens everywhere.  I mean, we’ve got those concerns.  And as far as coming back, if they do come back — and they could come back together with heavy on the flu and much lighter on — because I really believe we’ll be able to put out the fires.  You know, it’s like fires.

And we’ve learned a lot.  You know, we’ve become very good at this, when you look at what’s happening, when you look at the numbers coming down.  A lot of states are in really great shape.  You’re going to see a lot of openings.

But I’ll be speaking to the governor of Georgia in a little while.  Okay?

In Wednesday’s campaign rally President Dumbass said via the White House transcript.

President Dumbass: I told the governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, that I disagree strongly with his decision to open certain facilities which are in violation of the phase one guidelines for the incredible people of Georgia.  They’re incredible people.  I love those people.  They are — they’re great.  They’ve been strong, resolute.

But, at the same time, he must do what he thinks is right.  I want him to do what he thinks is right, but I disagree with him on what he’s doing.  But I want to let the governors do — now, if I see something totally egregious, totally out of line, I’ll do.  But I think spas and beauty salons and tattoo parlors and barbershops in phase one — we’re going to have phase two very soon — is just too soon.  I think it’s too soon.

And I love the people.  I love — I love those people that use all of those things: the spas and the beauty parlors and barbershops, tattoo parlors.  I love them.  But they can wait a little bit longer.  Just a little bit.  Not — not much.  Because safety has to predominate.  We have to have that.  So I told the governor, very simply, that I disagree with his decision, but he has to do what he thinks is right.

In Thursday’s campaign rally President Dumbass said via the White House transcript:

President Dumbass: I didn’t like to see spas opening, frankly.  I didn’t like to see a lot of things happening.  And I wasn’t happy with it.  And I wasn’t happy with Brian Kemp.  I wasn’t at all happy, because — and I could have done something about it if I wanted to, but I’m saying let the governors do it.  But I wasn’t happy with Brian Kemp.  Spas, beauty parlors, tattoo parlors — no, that’s — that —

Q    But did your thinking change after —

President Dumbass:  And, by the way, I want them to open — excuse me.

Q    — a conversation with your medical experts?

President Dumbass:  Excuse me.  I want them to open, and I want him to open as soon as possible.  And I want the state to open.  But I wasn’t happy with Brian Kemp.  I will tell you that right now.

Q    Sir, are you surprised he defied you on that?  Because you made it clear —

President Dumbass:  No, he didn’t.  No, he didn’t defy me at all.  That’s your language.  He didn’t defy me.

Q    Well, I mean, he’s not —

President Dumbass:  You know what happened?  I said, “You make your own decision.”  I told him that.  I said, “You’re not in the guidelines, but I’m letting you make your own decision.  But I want people to be safe, and I want the people in Georgia to be safe, and I don’t want this thing to flare up because you’re deciding to do something that is not in the guidelines.”

And I went to Deborah and Dr. Fauci and other people, and they weren’t thrilled about it.  And I could have stopped him, but I decided — and we all agreed — they got to watch it closely.  So we’ll see what happens.

I told him very distinctly — I said — Mike was there — I said, “You do what you think is best.”  But if you ask me, am I happy about it?  I’m not happy about it, and I’m not happy about Brian Kemp.

We move ahead to President Dumbass telling us Great News.

That’s right the President of the United States, is a petty toddler.

NBC News reported that during an annual meeting held on Friday, that AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson announced his departure from the company. John Stankey the current Chief Operating Officer will takeover.

Stephenson will become Executive Chairman of the Board of the Directors until January of 2021.

In the next several tweets President Dumbass announces the U.S. will ship ventilators to other countries.

In his first announcement he said he had a great conversation with the If President of Ecuador he also misspelled Ecuador it took him almost an hour to correct the typo.

In his correction tweet he did not correct the misspelling of Ecuador.

From Trump Twitter Archive.
Great conversation with President Lenin Moreno of the Republic of Equador. We will be sending them desperately needed Ventilators, of which we have recently manufactured many, and helping them in other ways. They are fighting hard against CoronaVirus! [Twitter for iPhone] 

Johns Hopkins data: There are 880,112 confirmed U.S. coronavirus cases. 50,114 people are said to have died from the virus, while, 80,937 people are said to be in total recovery. 4.6 million people have been tested for the coronavirus.

WorldOMeters data: There are 903,202 confirmed U.S. coronavirus cases. 50,952 people are said to have died from the virus, while 90,261 people are said to be in total recovery.

For those wondering, yes, there is a campaign rally scheduled for this evening.

This post might be updated.

This is an Open Thread.

Personal note: I ask that we all take a second to remember that data =’s people. Families mourning over their dead they can not properly bury at this time. Knowing the numbers is one thing, and reporting them is news, but we should never lose sight of the fact that the numbers are people.

I hope everyone has a safe and blessed weekend.

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