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President a cave.

According to CNN who obtained a copy of the guidelines provided on Thursday to all 50 U.S. governors the White House spelled out when “states should begin to ease social distancing guidelines.”

NBC News reported early Thursday that the White House had circulated a draft copy of the plan, which “advise areas with low numbers of coronavirus infections to begin pulling back on social distancing measures after May 1, with harder-hit areas possibly having to wait an additional month or more.”

As the News Blender featured on Monday, the Impeached President held a campaign rally in which he played a propaganda video blaming the media for not covering the concern of the coronavirus properly, only to later admit he had total authority to ignore states governors to reopen the economy when he saw fit.

But according to CNN, President told the governors in a teleconference that they, “are going to call your own shots,” adding that he’s gotten to know almost all of the governors and that he feel they are all, “very campaign people. I think in all cases, very capable people. And you’re going to calling your shots,” a person familiar with the phone call said.

The 18 page guidelines, CNN posted, provide a three phase approach to “Opening up America Again,” [yes, I rolled my eyes.]

Okay, I tried hard here to explain this as “news,” like as possible, but honest it’s just basically saying that in phase one, people at risk should continue to shelter in place, it’s the same in phase two. Phase one says that schools, and bars should remain closed, while gyms, and movie places could open if they practice physical social distance. In phase two schools can open as well as bars, if the bars limit occupancy.

Phase three is the total reopen of normal life.

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Authors note: I’ve been crediting Johns Hopkins wrong this whole time I apologize. The post is also being post at the same time as Beth’s Notes which you can find here. Alien also has a piece regarding stay safe and protecting yourself and others that can be found here.

As of 3 p.m. CA time Johns Hopkins reports that there are now 658,263 confirmed coronavirus cases in the U.S, with 32,186 people having dead from the disease. 53,725 people are said to be in total recovery with 3.2 people being tested for the virus.

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