Trump Tweets “DISGRACEFUL,” for Wednesday’s Open Thread

Trump Tweets Logo. Image by Lenny Ghoul.

It’s Wednesday.

President Tubby has tweeted 18 times and retweeted 13 times so far for Wednesday.

He started Wednesday’s tweets at 12:10 a.m. D.C. time, by thanking a QAnon supporter for joining Twitter to show “love and support for,” President Needy…

#WWG1WGA =’s QAnon. I will not be linking that hashtag.

He moves on from thanking random Twitter conspiracy theorist, to thanking Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) for supporting President Delusional in his delusions.

Politico reported on Tuesday that the Trump Administration declassified an email sent by former National Security Adviser Susan Rice, she sent the email to herself on Inauguration Day 2017.

The email most of which had already been declassified, is one page long.

Susan Rice email January 2017 via Politico. 05/19/2020.
Susan Rice email January 2017 via Politico. 05/19/2020.

Rice spokesperson told Politico:

Furthermore, the email makes clear that the Obama administration did not change the way it briefed Michael Flynn — but rather that President Obama asked Director Comey ‘to inform him if anything changes in the next few weeks that should affect how we share classified information with the incoming team.

In fact, Ambassador Rice briefed Michael Flynn for over 12 hours, on four separate occasions and led the National Security Council in preparing and delivering to him over 100 separate briefing memos. Ambassador Rice did not alter the way she briefed Michael Flynn on Russia as a result of Director Comey’s response.

Politico. 05/19/2020.

For her part, Rice has called for the Trump Administration to release the full transcripts of the phones calls between Flynn and the Russian ambassador during the transition.

Yeah, they totally got caught doing their jobs, oh, gasp, the horror…

President Self-Medicating moves on to defend his self medication.

President Insomniac moves on to praise our 4th Press Secretary.

CNN reported on Tuesday that founder of Zacharias International Ministries, Ravi Zacharias passed away in his Atlanta home at the age of 74. Zacharias was battling sarcoma.

President ALL CAPS…moves back to accusing the Obama Administration of crimes nobody can name.

President Asshole restarted his Wednesday morning tweets by threatening a state.

According to Michigan Department of State, Jocelyn Benson, the “rogue,” Secretary of State of Michigan is sending all registered voters…wait for it…Absentee ballot applications.

From the announcement:

By mailing applications, we have ensured that no Michigander has to choose between their health and their right to vote. Voting by mail is easy, convenient, safe, and secure, and every voter in Michigan has the right to do it. We appreciate that some clerks are proactively protecting public health by mailing applications to all their registered voters, and we are fulfilling our responsibility to provide all voters equal access. We know from the elections that took place this month that during the pandemic Michiganders want to safely vote. The vast majority of voters across the political spectrum want the option to vote by mail. Mailing applications to all registered voters is one of the ways that we are ensuring Michigan’s elections will continue to be safe, accurate and secure.

Benson. 05/19/2020.

President I Heart Criminals moves on from threatening a state to once again accusing a TV show host of murder.

This is not the first time President Hater of The Media has in fact accused Scarborough of murder.

President I Don’t Take Responsibility moves on to express his Faux Outrage against China for not taking responsibility.

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijiani said on Tuesday, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China during a press conference, the following when asked about the call led by Australia for an independent review of the coronavirus pandemic.

China Daily: Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne said on May 18 that the input of so many parties in the EU-sponsored COVID-19 draft resolution at the WHA is a real signal of the importance of the call for an independent, international review proposed by Australia. It’s a win for the international community, and Australia, as a strong and active part of that international community, would certainly see it that way. Do you have any comment?

[Lijian] First and foremost, China supports a comprehensive evaluation of global COVID-19 response to sum up experience and address deficiencies after the pandemic is brought under control. This should be led by WHO and conducted in a science-based, professional, objective and impartial manner. China has been consistent and clear about this all along. The draft resolution on COVID-19 being discussed at this year’s WHA is consistent with China’s position and reflects the widespread consensus of other countries. China, along with other parties, has actively participated in the consultations on the draft resolution and co-sponsored the draft resolution.
Second, the above-mentioned draft resolution is entirely different from what Australia called “independent international review”. For example, the draft resolution proposes to initiate at the appropriate moment an evaluation rather than to launch an “independent international review” instantly. This confirms WHO’s leading role instead of adopting another mechanism. The draft resolution calls for an evaluation of experience gained and lessons learnt from the WHO-coordinated international health response, rather than an inquiry based on the presumption of guilt targeting any country. We hope Australia will read the text carefully instead of making conclusions based on assumptions.
Lastly, I want to stress that we welcome it if Australia changes its course, completely gives up its political maneuver and returns to the broad consensus of the international community following the relevant WHA resolution. 05/19/2020.

President Wacko moves away from coronavirus to again threaten a state.

Channel 3 News Las Vegas reported that Nevada’s Secretary of a State, Republican Barbara Cegavske, introduced a vote by mail initiative back in March due to the coronavirus outbreak. This move was challenged by a conservative leaning group, but “but a federal judge refused to block the vote-by-mail primary in a ruling earlier this month.”

From Channel 3 News:

Sen. Jacy Rosen, D-Nevada, decried Trump’s tweet in a statement provided to News 3.

“It’s unconscionable that the President would threaten to withhold funds from our state that would save lives and livelihoods during this time of crisis,” Rosen said. “Access to the ballot box should never be threatened for partisan gain. Nevadans take great pride in making sure every voice is heard in our elections, regardless of party affiliation, and I will continue to work to make sure the upcoming elections are safe and accessible.”

Channel 3 News Las Vegas. 05/20/2020.

Ballots have already been sent “in Clark County after officials moved to send them to all registered voters, part of an agreement reached with progressive groups that filed a lawsuit.

Under the agreement, the registrar’s office would have any flagged signature reviewed by at least two people before an effort is made to check with the voter.”

President Needy moves on sending several tweets in the hopes he’ll look less needy and more Presidential.

President Please Love Me…

President Scared moves on to lament the Democratic nomination process.

VOTE for Trump on TRADE, better than BS!

We might see updating today.

This is an Open Thread.

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