Watch Live: President Trump Rose Garden Press Conference 05/29/2020

White House Rose Garden March 17,2020. Photo By Andrea Hanks.

As shown in the Trump Tweets Friday’s thread a 2 p.m. D.C. time Rose Garden presser has been added to President Dick’s scheduled.

I have zero idea when the presser will derail, but it will be derailed, as President Dick ad-lib’s his prepared remarks, and as the President Moron takes questions from the media.

Here are some likely questions to be asked.

As you now are aware the peaceful protests in Minneapolis have turned into riots escalating over night. One escalation caught on tape was the arrest of Omar Jimenez, CNN reporter, during his live broadcast.

Jimenez spoke with CNN’s New Day shortly after his release from custody.

The governor of Minnesota Tim Walz (D), apologized and took responsibility for the arrest of the CNN reporter and Crew.

And the breaking news that the former police officer from Minneapolis involved in the death of George Floyd has been arrested.

Also the President Dick’s on-going feud with Free Speech via Twitter. Wherein Twitter held President Dick to the same terms of service as it does the rest of the world, finally, and President Dick reacted by throwing a tantrum.

Live Feeds.

Bloomberg Quick Take.

NBC News.

Washington Post.

Upon Request here is former Vice President Joe Biden addressing the riots in Minneapolis.

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