Trump Tweets “Get Tough Police,” for Wednesday’s Open Thread

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It’s Wednesday.

For Wednesday President Arsonist has tweeted 14 times and retweeted 26 times.

President Division starts by mocking states he doesn’t like.

According to ABC News on May 13th, 2020, “Nearly everything built along the southern border so far has replaced smaller, older structures. CBP data released in the past week shows just three miles of wall have been built where no barriers previously existed, with lawsuits from private property owners delaying the federal land acquisition process.”

President Hater moves on to thank Senator Ted Cruz of Texas once, and then agrees with him once.

Happening now as the News Blender featured is testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee by former Deputy Attorney Rod Rosenstein as is noted Rosenstein was appointment by President Stupid.

I’m not sure how much information Rosenstein can offer regarding the Obama Administration considering he did not start his job until 2017.

And for the billionth time, Obama did not spy on President Stupid. President Stupid employed people working to gather dirt on Hillary Clinton via Russian Government officials.

Following the death of African American George Floyd at the hands of 4 Minneapolis police, one who has already been charged for his crime, with new charges expected to be announced this afternoon civil unrest has plagued the country with peaceful protesters and rioters alike. Arrests have been made. For example (sorry it’s Fox News, but a girl has to do what a girl has to do) According to Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore, some 2700 people have been arrested since the protests began.

For what it’s worth, without having had time to confirm it yet, several reports have surface that several arrests that have been made nationally have been for violating curfew orders, not rioting or looting.

President Dumber than Rocks moves on to bash CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

It’s all about them ratings!!!!

President Moron moves on to bash John Huber Utah’s AG appointed to reexamine her emails…

My eyes haven’t stopped rolling…Sessions was appointed by President Coward, who then appointed Huber in response to Rosenstein appointing Mueller to investigate Russian Election Interference, to investigate the handling of the Hillary Clinton emails.

In freaking January of 2020, the Washington Post reports that Huber’s investigation or review whatever, found nothing of consequence.

John Huber, the U.S. attorney in Utah, was tapped in November 2017 by then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions to look intoconcerns raised by President Trump and his allies in Congress that the FBI had not fully pursued cases of possible corruption at the Clinton Foundation and during Clinton’s time as secretary of state, when the U.S. government decided not to block the sale of a company called Uranium One.

As a part of his review, Huber examined documents and conferred with federal law enforcement officials in Little Rock who were handling a meandering probe into the Clinton Foundation, people familiar with the matter said. Current and former officials said that Huber has largely finished and found nothing worth pursuing — though the assignment has not formally ended and no official notice has been sent to the Justice Department or to lawmakers, these people said.

Washington Post. 01/09/2020.

President Adding Fuel to The Flames tells cops accused of using unnecessary force against the Black Community to “get tough.”

Here’s the thing, not all cops are bad, some genuinely care about the community as a whole regardless of skin hue or wealth. They do their part to protect all and serve all. Cops can be the most moral members of a community.

Having said all that, which in fairness, I just wanted to say, didn’t think I had to, but having said that.

Our world view has expanded with the camera phones and GoPro’s our eyes are seeing things, our country has not seen before, only read about before.

In horror we watched the video the 9 minute video of Floyd being murdered, his live was ended that day because of a bad cop plus other bad cops that didn’t once say, “hey, man, that’s enough.”

So as the states deal with protesters being used as a piggy back for some rioters, looters, and just trouble makers, it’s not wise to say “get touch police.”

On Monday just past, we watched peaceful protesters in DC get pepper balled (it’s pepper spray inside a container that cops or the national guard can toss into crowds to disperse the crowd). We watched people rushed with shields, pushed outside their public square so Mr. Get Tough Police, could look tough, instead he looks weak, he looks dictator like.

IMO if I was the cops on the ground, I’d simply ignore the sitting President’s advice.

President Only I can Share Fake Videos and Photos!

I have no idea where this came from.

But Twitter just because it’s called social media, isn’t media, it’s a place for social gatherings on the internet. Not a news source. I don’t recall seeing any of this on the News.

President Coward moves on to welcoming the newly elected Republican for Novembers Iowa Congressional Race.

Feenstra unseated racist and white nationalist Steve King. King will still be a Congressman but has lost the ability to run for election in November 2020.

(h/t to Demo for me finding this tweet.)

Feenstra thanked President Coward for calling him.

President Who Still Doesn’t Understand Anything…all caps us.

President Unity moves on to bash his favorite subject the news media with side of I’ve done more for Black people than anyone ever has before…

In 3 1/2 years the sitting U.S. President has done more damage to our country than any other President in our history.

Channeling Reagan we must ask ourselves are we better off today?

From where I’m sitting the answer isn’t just no, it’s fuck no, we aren’t, we are in the middle of the worst 4 year term of any Presidency in history.

Because of a phone call that lasted much longer than I wanted or expected, for today the 2 p.m. really 2:15 p.m. presser with our latest lying liar that lies press secretary will be included here.

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