Trump Tweets “Like The Sick Puppy He Is,” for Thursday’s Open Thread

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It’s Thursday.

President Cry-Baby has tweeted 18 times and retweeted 2 times so far.

President Meltdown started his Thursday meltdown at 12:10 a.m. D.C. time, where he finally responded to former National Security Advisor John Bolton’s upcoming book The Room Where it Happened, a memoir of Bolton’s time in the Trump White House.

President Ego Driven Asshole, pauses in his Bolton rage tweeting until 9:08 a.m. D.C. time, issuing three more rage tweets.

On June 15th, President No’s Nothing was asked why he was suing Bolton to prevent the books publication.

According to the White House transcript, President No’s Nothing rambles says that he’d have to ask the Attorney General William Barr why DOJ was suing Bolton. However, because he loves the sound of his own voice, he declares that, “I can’t imagine that he can [write a book] because that’s highly classified information.  Even conversations with me, they’re highly classified.  I told that to the Attorney General before.  I will consider every conversation with me, as President, highly classified.”

President Wannabe Dictator adds that Bolton might have broken the law with writing the book and says he thinks “that he would have criminal problems.”

Not featured in the above clip, AG Barr’s response to Bolton’s book.

According to linked above transcript:

Lowest Barr: Well, people who come to work in the government and have access to sensitive information generally sign an agreement that says that, when they leave government, if they write something that has a — that draws on or might reflect some of the information they’ve had access to, they have to go through a clearance process before they can publish the book.  And we don’t believe that Bolton went through that process — hasn’t completed the process — and therefore is in violation of that agreement.

[Reporter presses the Lowest Barr]

So what is the DOJ doing, Mr. Attorney General?

Lowest Barr: Well, there are a number of things, but the — the thing that is front and center right now is trying to get him to complete the process — go through the process and make the necessary deletions of classified information.

[Reporter presses on]

 But — But the book has been published.

Lowest Barr: No, it hasn’t.

[According to the Washington Post, the books publisher in a statement says that “hundreds of thousands of copies of Bolton’s book have already been distributed around the country and the world.”]

[Reporter presses Lower Barr again]

Yes, it’s been published.  It’s just not released yet.

Lowest Barr: Well, it’s being printed.  It’s being printed.

It continues on, with President Dipshit interjecting as he always does, but the gist is the Governments position is that Bolton’s book hasn’t gone through the proper declassification process.

But but but it’s all lies and made-up stories.

On Wednesday The Wall Street Journal published an excerpt from Bolton’s book that is due to be released on June 23rd. Followed by other media outlets obtaining copies of the book, such as the Washington Post and CNN.

For my sanity, and yours, I’m going to skip posting bits from each linked media outlet and go right to CNN’s recently published article that explains things we learned from Bolton’s book. I am using CNN for one large reason, no pay wall. I have confirmed the information via the pay walled articles linked above.

Highlights from Bolton’s book via CNN.

President Preteen at a G20 summit meeting held in Osaka, Japan, asked Chinese President Xi Jinping for help in the upcoming 2020 Presidential Election. The help would come in the form of China agreeing to buy American agricultural in exchange President Quid Pro Quo would waive some tariffs. Bolton writes; [he] stressed the importance of farmers and increased Chinese purchases of soybeans and wheat in the electoral outcome.

CNN explains that Bolton wrote, he can’t think of a single decision that President Boob hasn’t made that hasn’t been “driven by reelection calculations.”

Moving on according to Bolton President I like Cages expressed his approval of Chinese concentration camps.

Trump had no problem with China’s concentration camps
Bolton describes several instances where Trump waffles on China-related issues after conversations with Xi, notably on the mass concentration camps Beijing was using to imprison and “re-educate” Uyghur Muslims. Bolton writes that according to the US interpreter in the room during a conversation between Xi and Trump at the G-20 meeting in June 2019, Trump said that Xi should go ahead with building the camps, which Trump thought was “exactly the right thing to do.”
Bolton adds that Trump didn’t want to sanction China for their crackdown on the Muslim minority because of ongoing trade negotiations. “Religious repression in China was also not on Trump’s agenda; whether it was the Catholic Church or Falun Gong, it didn’t register,” Bolton writes.

CNN. 06/18/2020.

In December of 2018 according to Bolton President Sell-out offered to help:

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan with a Justice Department investigation into a Turkish bank with ties to Erdogan that was suspected of violating US Iran sanctions. When the Turkish leader presented Trump with a memo from the law firm representing Halkbank, Trump flipped through it and then declared he believed the bank was totally innocent of violating US sanctions related to Iran.

CNN. 06/18/2020

Bolton quotes President Jealous of Dictators as saying he’d, “take care of things,” adding that the Southern District of New York prosecutors, “were not his people, but were Obama people.” Bolton explains in the book, “this is all nonsense,” because the DOJ prosecutors were career employees and would have taken the same path regardless of who was President.

He went to Jared…

Bolton explains that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed concern about Jared Kushner, President Nepotism’s son-in-law’s involvement in the Middle East peace plan.

Netanyahu “was dubious about assigning the task of bringing an end to the Israel-Palestinian conflict to Kushner, whose family Netanyahu had known for many years. He was enough of a politician not to oppose the idea publicly, but like much of the world, he wondered why Kushner thought he would succeed where the likes of Kissinger had failed.”

CNN. 06/18/2020

Moving on to gossip…

Bolton explains that the White House decision-making process was like a food fight; Bolton says the weekly meetings to discuss issues, chaired by Trump in the Roosevelt Room or the Oval Office, more closely resembled college food fights than careful decision-making, with no lower-level effort or involvement by the relevant agencies to sort out the issues and the options. “After these sessions, had I believed in yoga, I probably could have used some,” Bolton wrote. It’s a theme Bolton returns to more than once, describing a mercurial President who has little interest in learning how the federal government worked. Instead, he describes Trump as very focused on how decisions will play in the media.

President Idiot is quoted by Bolton as wondering if Finland was part of Russia prior to the U.S./Russia Summit, in Helsinki, or was it a “kind of satellite of Russia.”

Before he traveled for his summit with Russian President Putin Bolton quotes him as showing surprise that UK is a nuclear power.

On his way to the Helsinki meeting, Trump stopped to see then-British Prime Minister Theresa May in the UK. During that meeting, May’s national security adviser, speaking about the Skripal poisoning, referred to the attack as one on a nuclear power. “Trump asked, ‘oh, are you a nuclear power?,’ which I knew was not intended as a joke,” Bolton wrote.
And on multiple occasions, Bolton said Trump repeatedly mixed up Afghan President Ashraf Ghani with former President Hamid Karzai.

CNN. 06/18/2020.

Last but not least, according to Bolton’s book the President of the U.S., asked White House Counsel Pat Cipollone to call the Attorney General and relay the President’s desire to “arrest the reporters, force them to serve time in jail, and then demand they disclose their sources,” all because “news leaked about a hush-hush meeting on Afghanistan at Trump’s Bedminster resort.”

Late Wednesday the Department of Justice filed an emergency motion to stop the publication of Bolton’s book.

The question is if the book is nothing but lies, how can those lies be classified information.

Breaking news this morning interrupted President Bunker Bitch’s meltdown over a book, that is fiction, but yet, government resources are being used to stop us from reading it, when the Supreme Court ruled against the Trump Administration.

In response President Seriously Delusional responded by retweeting a Daily Caller tweet.

Bottom-line to the *ruling, it means that according to the Supreme Court, while Trump’s Administration can end DACA, they have to follow the law in order to do it. This is similar to the travel ban; it’s similar to the Census question of citizenship being added back to the Census.

Laws have to be followed and how does the President of the United States view this decision?

And by asking…

But but but, everything Bolton writes about President Who’s Ego is Endless, is lies and fiction.

The other horrible & politically charged bad Supreme Court decision for Republicans and Conservatives according to President Ego Trip, was the decision that no, you may not simply fire someone because their are gay or transgender, that’s illegal.

Of note the decision did not answer the question as to whether or not someone who is religious and religiously objects to someone being gay or transgender can fire said person for being gay or transgender. That was not the question posed to the court.

*note I have not had the time this a.m., to read the full text of the Supreme Court DACA decision.*

And like that President Who Loves Attention issued several more tweets regarding the SCOTUS ruling.

He’s such a fucking moron. I’m not even sorry for using the F word…

The Other tweets not related to Bolton or the no good horrible Supreme Court that follows the law versus supporting him by being judicial activists.

President I’m Truly Stupid paused his Bolton hate to remind everyone the coronavirus is still a thing while trying to deliver a burn to political rival former Vice President Joe Biden.

Cases of the coronavirus are rising in states like Arizona, Florida, Texas, and Oklahoma just to name a few.

World O Meters as of this morning reported that there are 2,245,808 coronavirus cases in the U.S.. 120,162 people are said to have died as a result of the pandemic, with 919,405 people said to be in total recovery.

President I don’t Read moves on to promote a book.

According to Horowitz’s book is #45 on their best selling list.

Let it sink-in that the leader of the free world is promoting an 800 number.

President Nosy moves on to stick his nose in business that is not his.

NBC News reported on June 16th that Google banned ZeroHedge from it’s advertising platform over policy violations.

In an email a Google spokesperson said; We have strict publisher policies that govern the content ads can run on and explicitly prohibit derogatory content that promotes hatred, intolerance, violence or discrimination based on race from monetizing. When a page or site violates our policies, we take action. In this case, we’ve removed both sites’ ability to monetize with Google.

In early reports it was also reported that The Federalist had also been banned, however Google clarified that they had simply been warned about policy violations and were given three days to remove it.

NBC News explained that as of Wednesday morning Google said, “The Federalist had removed the comments that violated its policies and that it would take no further action.”

Just to be clear “banned,” is not banned from Google searches, it simply means they can’t buy ad spots via Google.

Google search. 06/18/2020

He moves on to stick his overly large ego into State issues.

It should be noted loud and clear, the current sitting President of the U.S., is truly the must unfit for office person ever. I mean he’s threatening sitting Justices with replacements, prior to them issuing a ruling on whether or not he has to release his taxes. I just–I can’t even.

This post is likely not to be updated today.

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