Trump Tweets “CRAZY” for Wednesday’s Open Thread

Trump Tweets Logo. Image by Lenny Ghoul.

It’s Wednesday.

For Wednesday President Nobody Likes Me has tweeted 17 times and retweeted 14 times so far.

In his first tweet he calls Democratic Congresspersons CRAZY!, and asks that they be voted out.

The video is just as the tweet states from Free Beacon cuts of the Democrats in Attorney General Dumb Barr’s hearing, in which they reclaim their time.

Given that just Monday the President retweeted a crazy doctor who believes infertility problems in couples seeking to have children is caused by dream sex with demons, given that he plainly stated windmills cause cancer, and a host of other dubious less sane comments by President Cray Cray. Crazy is relative.

At Tuesday’s Presidential Bullshit presser, he was asked about his support of the Demon Sperm Doctor, by CNN’s Kaitlan Collins he said “I thought her voice was an important voice.”

Collins masterfully continued to press him to explain why he supported a doctor that said, masks don’t work, given his admins recent push for everyone to wear masks, instead of answering Collins question, the strongest biggest toughest man in the world, just ask him, fled the room.

On Wednesday prior to departing D.C. for a Texas fundraiser President Double-Down, doubled down on his support of the doctor who believes medicine is made using Alien DNA.

President Reality TV moved away from calling Democrats crazy to focus on Fox News ratings…

President Not a Fan of Fox News promotes a book by Fox News Show host Greg Gutfeld.

Cancel Culture =’s American’s calling for boycotting of person, places, or things that they politically disagree with.

I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of boycotts as a national movement, however, if people want to boycott, they are well within their rights to do so. It’s called free market.

I should point out that, President Boycott for Me but not Thee, has tweeted out that while he enjoys sports if he sees a player kneeling during the National Anthem, it’s game over for him.

President His Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds moves on in his tweeting rambles to call former Vice President Joe Biden a “Trojan Horse,” for the radical left.

On Wednesday morning Axios reporter Jonathan Swan shared a clip of his upcoming interview with President I Try Hard to Look like Putin’s Trojan Horse, Swan asked about reports that Russia has placed bounties on American and coalition forces in Afghanistan.

He called reports about the bounties “fake news,” adding he never discussed the issue with Putin, saying, “I have never discussed it with him.”

He adds when asked about Russia supplying weapons to the Taliban, that “we supplied weapons when they were fighting the Russia too.”

From what I found we did supply weapons to the Taliban in the 1980’s…

President ALL CAPS tweets in all-caps.

One of his Wednesday retweets:

July 23rd, 2020, Judge Andrew Napolitano wrote an op-ed in the Washington Times, where he explains that; Serious issues are implicating personal liberty and public safety in Portland, Oregon. The police are not enforcing local and state laws. They are refraining from doing so because they have been so instructed by elected public officials.

Highlight from the opinion piece:

Portland has been the center of anti-police demonstrations this summer. The neighborhood around the state capitol has endured nearly two months of nighttime demonstrations. Most of these are peaceful; some are destructive.

Last weekend, with no notice or local consent, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security sent teams of agents — untrained in crowd control and wearing military fatigues — onto Portland’s streets. Their uniforms bore no governmental, administrative or personal names, just the word “Police” on masking tape. They descended upon the city in unmarked SUVs and began grabbing people indiscriminately off the streets, without regard to the person’s lawful presence or personal behavior. 

According to the account of one victim, he was walking peacefully in the downtown area, observing the chaos, when five masked men in fatigues exited an unmarked SUV, grabbed him and pulled him into the car. They tied his hands with plastic behind his back. They pulled his cap over his face. They kept him for two hours and then released him. They filed no charges against him.

[he calls the arrest a kidnapping]

An arrest is a lawful restraint by a legitimate government authority pursuant to a warrant issued by a judge specifically naming the person to be arrested, or pursuant to probable cause of crime personally observed by the arresting officers. Neither of these was the case in Portland.

Washington Times Opinion. 07/22/2020.

He continues to numerate other witness accounts of events in Portland including when a Navy Veteran was addressing the military uniformed law enforcement officers. They responded by pepper spraying the man and breaking his hand with a baton.

He concludes his opinion piece by writing:

This is how totalitarianism begins. The feds claim that federal property needs protection and the folks assigned to do so need help. When help arrives, it does so by surprise, under cover of darkness and shielded by anonymity. Then, the reinforcements beat and arrest and harm protesters because their bosses in Washington do not approve of the protesters’ message.
Public dissent against the government is a core personal freedom. It is as American as apple pie. It was integral to the creation of our republic. Government repression of dissent is totalitarian. It is as un-American as the governments against which we fought world wars to preserve our core freedoms.

Washington Times Opinion. 07/22/2020.

Earlier today during his chopper talk with reporters President Authoritarian tripled-down on involving federal officers into states business.

Make no mistake not all of those gathered on the streets of Portland are innocent victims, some are engaged in criminal activities. But, and it’s a big one, the federal government has no, absolute zero business being inside a city without the permission of the state officials. This is like a host of other issues, a state matter, IMO.

Oregon Governor Kate Brown is reporting that the federal government has agreed to withdrawal federal officers from Portland.

After a short pause President I know If They Don’t Like Me for Me, I’ll Bribe Them with American Tax Dollars announced plans to send tax dollars to airports.

He paused at trying to bribe voters at North Carolina, to blast Fox News.

But but but it’s the Democrats that are CRAZY!

Bribing back on…

I really hate when politicians make it sound like it’s their own personal money they are attempting to buy votes with. It simply isn’t. It’s ours, the American tax payers money.

President I don’t Get How the Constitution Works, tweets that if Congress doesn’t bring “fairness” to Big Tech, he will by EO.

Big Tech =’s private businesses.

Just what my smaller government heart always wanted, D.C. to control the internet. Yeah, good times.

Happening today:

President I’m Bored added two more tweets to his Wednesday’s tweeting.

He’s basically saying that low economy earners are criminals and unworthy of home ownership.

I can’t do it, I don’t know how to cover this tweet. Seriously, who thinks this is a good way to earn Suburban women back to them?

President Poor People are Criminals adds another two tweets, this time whining again about ads against price controls on prescription drugs.

He first whined about this ad, on Tuesday.

He retweeted himself blasting the ad, early Wednesday, before adding the two new bitching tweets about negative ads.


He has tweeted 3 more times since post time, these tweets today have a real campaign rally prep type feel about them.

He deleted the first Fox Bad tweet to replace it with this one.

The original tweet was sent while he was flying to Texas.

He then tweeted he really did just land in Texas. Note that the tweet he quoted over uses a link to Fox Business.

But again, it’s the Democrats that are loony tunes. Right……….

Prior to Federal officials arriving in Portland the protests saw about 100-200 people nightly for over 50 days.

CNN Trump fact-checker Daniel Dale is on vacation for a few more days, I miss him…Anyway, according to the White House President “Dominance” is scheduled to deliver remarks from Midland, Texas at 4:20 D.C. time.

Live Feed.

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