Trump Tweets “So Hard To Watch,” for Monday’s Open Thread

Trump Tweets Logo. Image by Lenny Ghoul.

It’s Monday.

For Monday President Distracted has tweeted 5 times and retweeted 9 times so far.

In his first tweet he shares a poorly edited video of former President Joe Biden.

It’s all about the ratings for him, we are simply the audience held hostage.

The clip is taken from Biden’s speech regarding his economic plan that was given on July 9th, 2020.

*Biden: And folks, we know who built this country, hardworking folks like you grew up with. And you know who built the middle class? Unions, built the middle class. That’s why we have a middle class. I had an uncle who’d said, ” Joey, your labor from belt buckle to shoe sole.” Well, I’ve taken pride in that because the only way my dad would say you deal with power is with power, with power. In corporate America, and I come from the corporate state of the world, Delaware. The only way to deal with abuse of power is with power and labor, unions are the only one that have that capacity to do it. If that’s raining outside, come on in guys. I don’t want anybody out there… Are you guys in the rain? Or is that not rain? Okay, I thought that was rain. It is, you guys can come on in, don’t stay out there. But look, determination, resilience and grit, the strength to get up, no matter how many times you get knocked down, respect for hard work and for the people who do it. These are the values I grew up with and all of you have grown up with.

The words in bold are the statements featured in the Scavino clip, I included the statement after “don’t stay out there,” because the clip cuts to Biden walking away from the podium. The speech continued for another 27-ish minutes after Biden tells folks standing outside to come inside if it’s raining.

*The transcript was found @ and confirmed using the CNBC News YouTube video.*

The video is not heavily edited as others have been in the past, it’s simply a poor campaign ad very low-rent, cheap even.

President I’m Nothing If Not Consistent said No One Ever moves on to quote Fox & Friend’s.

An hour after quoting Fox & Friends and tweeting one-time and retweeting one-time President I’m Nothing If Not Consistent said No One Ever tweets…

It’s worth noting here, the current pinned tweet of Inconsistency is a Feature not a Bug…

The tweet posted in between quoting Fox News and then bashing Fox News…

Police must take a stronger stand with the Radical Left politicians that are treating them so badly, and so disrespectfully!!!

It might be just me, but I read that as the sitting President openly calling on Police to attack Democratic Politicians in their local cities and towns.

I’m basing that on what appears to be President Wannabe’s glee when he speaks to “dominating the streets,” and love of all things violence.

In fairness, he might simply be calling on the police unions to go on strike.

President Repetitive repeats himself with his next tweet.

This is the 10th tweet since June 2020 that President Repetitive has repeated the claim that his supporters are the majority and silent. Neither of which are true.

And reign points to his desire to be King, not President.

To round out his morning on Twitter President Ratings goes after…

The media it’s always about the media, the right attacks them, the left attacks them, the Indies attack both what they feel is right media and the left media. They seriously can’t win for losing.

Journalists =’s reporting what other people have told them.
Opinion writers =’s telling us what they think about what other people told the Journalists.
TV Pundits =’s people telling us what they think about what other people thought about what Journalists reported.
The Media =’s private businesses that report things that people find interesting.

I’m really fed up with the media bashing. It’s everywhere and what’s missing in the attacks, is nobody is actually accusing them of lying, nobody is attacking them for spreading disinformation.


They are being attacked for not covering what each individual person cares about most.

Take his words for an example, “Media is not talking about what is happening with the Stock Market and JOBS.”

Yes, they do talk about it, but the economy right now, is not what the majority of people are focused on, they are focused on the coronavirus pandemic and the lack of Federal Government response to the conroavirus.

And like most private businesses the media is driven by the consumer.

We drive the coverage, when Floyd was murdered on tape by cops, that drove coronavirus to below the fold of the newspaper, once we settled and adjusted, the consumer pushed coronavirus right back to above the fold.

That’s how the media works.

The biggest bitch about the media is always the same, they aren’t giving what I care about the coverage I feel it deserves. Bashing them for it, isn’t going to force the market shift.

Also, the Russian Bounty story while important lost the majority of consumers because it’s not tangible to them, they, the majority are not affected by the story as a whole, to the majority it’s just more proof that Trump is beholden to Putin.

Deaths of American’s, towns being shut-down in July, a virus that is taking hold with school re-openings looming in the near future, that’s what’s driving the news, because that affects everyone, it’s tangible, it’s relatable to all consumers.

To the majority of people the news cycle is only one hour a day or maybe two, they do not live entire news cycles, they live snips of news cycles.

*end rant*.

Some noteworthy items relating to Trump Tweets and Twitter…

President Asshole retweeted former game show host Chuck Woolery, twice.

Let it sink in, that the sitting President looked at as the leader of the pandemic response is re-tweeting a former game show hosts opinion that “everyone is lying,” about the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

Across the U.S., right now, school districts are trying to plan how they safely and most effectively re-open in the “fall,” which is August not really fall.

Saturday President Weekend Golfer tweeted and retweeted 40 times, three of those times related to his commuting the sentence of Roger Stone, a political friend and early Trump campaign member. Only one was a tweet written as himself, by either himself or a staff member.

The rest of his Saturday tweeting was his standard nonsense, attack, attack, and attack some more, all that don’t believe he’s the bestest ever President.

On Sunday he tweeted far less only 11 times total.

It was only done to make me look bad…
Yeah, that’s totally normal, but as we are all aware, Trump is not normal.

He went on to defend his golfing habit…

We can’t compare rounds to rounds because Trump’s team doesn’t regularly disclose that he’s actually played golf at the course.

One more from Sunday…

There is not an automatic sentence, 10 years is the max sentence.

Live Feeds for Press Briefing.

The White House.

Yahoo! finance.

President So Busy…

I have no idea what they mean by “stakeholders.” I can only guess it means people with stakes in businesses that have been protected by law enforcement.

Live Feeds for the Roundtable with stakeholders.

The White House.

NBC News.

This post might be updated.

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