Trump Tweets Appreciation for CNN for Tuesday’s Open Thread

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It’s Tuesday aka Day 2 of the Republican National Convention.

President Me! Me! Me! has tweeted 4 times and retweeted zero times for Day 2 of the Republican National Convention, so far.

In his first tweet he shows CNN appreciation for airing most of Day 1’s Republican National Convention.

Reminder from *checks notes* Monday…

Having watched the majority of Day 1, I can say, I’m not sure CNN did President It’s All About the Ratings any favors.

Future ex-wife of possible hopeful Republican Presidential candidate and President Moron’s Spawn Don Jr., in what is being reported as a taped early segment ranted and raved to us, screaming to an empty room “the best is yet to come.”

Her very shouty ending sparked:

President’s Spawn told us, the Republican Party would except all, as long as we “embrace the man,” his no good unloving father, “Donald J. Trump.

His appearance also sparked:

*the above tweets are for the hashtags created following his speech at the Convention. The video is just snips of words and edited heavily.*

In his second tweet President Setting-up for Challenging the General Election spreads voting disinformation, again.

The New York Times on August 14th, 2020 put together a “Where American’s Can Vote by Mail in the 2020 Election,” guide.

*States that made changes in light of the pandemic and are sending ballots to all registered voters; California, New Jersey, Nevada, Vermont, and Washington, D.C..

*I’m aware D.C., is not a state, but I took a shortcut.*

States that are sending out absentee/mail-in ballot applications; Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Wisconsin.


From (Republican Party of Pennsylvania: 08/25/2020.

From (Republican party of Minnesota.) 08/25/2020.

From 08/25/2020.

I picked those three GOP state parties, as those states are considered swing states. Colorado, Florida, are also states I checked, both of those state GOP websites, just linked to the Secretary of State’s Election information websites.

In his third and fourth tweet President Wannabe Mobster brags about Maine, Lobsters, and lifting tariffs, without irony.

From the statement issued by Office of the United States Trade Representative on Friday, August 21st, 2020.

United States Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and European Union Trade Commissioner Phil Hogan today announced agreement on a package of tariff reductions that will increase market access for hundreds of millions of dollars in U.S. and EU exports.  These tariff reductions are the first U.S.-EU negotiated reductions in duties in more than two decades.

Under the agreement, the EU will eliminate tariffs on imports of U.S. live and frozen lobster products.  U.S. exports of these products to the EU were over $111 million in 2017.  The EU will eliminate these tariffs on a Most Favored Nation (MFN) basis, retroactive to begin August 1, 2020.  The EU tariffs will be eliminated for a period of five years and the European Commission will promptly initiate procedures aimed at making the tariff changes permanent.  The United States will reduce by 50% its tariff rates on certain products exported by the EU worth an average annual trade value of $160 million, including certain prepared meals, certain crystal glassware, surface preparations, propellant powders, cigarette lighters and lighter parts.  The U.S. tariff reductions will also be made on an MFN basis and retroactive to begin August 1, 2020. 08/21/2020.


Normally, I would not update this soon after posting with only one tweet but, President Laws and Rules are for the Little People has announced that he intends to nominate DHS Acting Secretary Chad Wolf to the post officially.

The announcement comes a week after the Government Accountability Office found that “Chad Wolf and Ken Cuccinelli, the highest-ranking officials at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), were invalidly appointed to their current positions at the department charged with implementing President Trump’s immigration agenda,” CBS News reported.

GAO. 08/14/2020. pg. 2.

GAO’s conclusion:

GAO. 08/14/2020. pg. 11.

This post might be updated.

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