Watch Live: Republican National Convention Day 1

President Trump Speaking from Phoenix, AZ, 6/23/2020. Photo by Gage Skidmore.

It’s Monday August 24th, the first day of the Republican National Convention where they did renominate President Chaos prior to prime-time coverage to be official the Republican nominee for President in 2020. explains in a letter that Monday’s program theme is “Land of Promise.”

According to the letter they are celebrating the “re-nomination of an American President who will be remembered in history as the one who kept his promises and paved a way forward even in the most challenging of times. The land of promise remains the United States of America, and with President Trump leading her people, we always will be.”

Earlier on Monday President Chaotic delivered Chaotic remarks in his first RNC speech following the roll call vote, that he whined was not covered live by CNN and MSNBC, plus Fox News had anchors offering a play by play.

Live Feeds.


PBS NewsHour.


I’m adding this and posting before the RNC starts, I’m not entirely sure how to view this event.

As of 8 p.m. eastern time, there was nothing new posted to their YouTube video.

This link might provide a new feed when one becomes available.

H/T to Stehekin912 for sharing the video above.

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