Watch Live: President Trump’s Daily Campaign Mini-Rally

Wheel Of Fish. Photo By Lenny Ghoul

Another day another presidential campaign rally held live from the White House.

This campaign rally like the one from Monday and Tuesday were added to the President Bullshiter’s schedule after they became public.

I suspect today’s rally like the other two before it, will contain some lies about how the coronavirus is under control, how it will magically go away, and his admin is the best ever in handling any crisis ever.

I imagine he will also bring up Spygate, maybe.

As covered in the Trump Tweets for Wednesday’s Open Thread, former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates appeared to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The exchange comes at the 2:30 ish mark. I was unable to find a clip.

C-SPAN provided some clips of the hearing.

Just 30 minutes before the event is scheduled to start, where he’ll be late, he tweeted this…

The video is about spygate.

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The White House.

Fox Business.

Yahoo Finance.

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