Trump Tweets Have Another Meltdown for Thursday’s Open Thread

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It’s Thursday aka The Day After We Found Out We Were Lied to For Months by President Lying Liar that Lies.

For The Day After We Found Out We Were Lied to For Months by President Lying Liar that Lies, the Liar has tweeted *15 times and retweeted 20 times, so far.

*12 of those 14 tweets and all 20 retweets happened in roughly 35 minutes Thursday morning.*

We begin our Presidential Twitter Meltdown @ 8:24 a.m., D.C. time, with the President whining about how mean the media is to him versus how they treat his political rival Democratic Candidate for President Joe Biden.

In his next tweet he approves of New York’s choice to open indoor dining at 25 percent capacity on September 30th, 2020 but wants them to go “faster!”

The Whiner whines about retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Alexander Vindman implying that Vindman lied about his perfect phone call with Ukraine’s newly elected President.

The reason the Whistleblower was protected is because we have laws that protect their identity.

Speaking of Whistleblowers shortly after the Woodward tapes were released a new Whistleblower complaint was released to the public.

CNN reported on Wednesday that the allegations “were raised in a complaint filed recently by Brian Murphy to the DHS inspector general. Murphy previously oversaw the intelligence division at the department but was reassigned this summer after it was revealed his office had gathered intelligence reports on two US journalists. Murphy claims that his reassignment was retaliatory and motivated by political considerations — amounting to an abuse of authority by Wolf.”

He moves on to tell someone their mother is “GREAT!”.

In his next two tweets he blasts Governor Andrew Cuomo, again.

Back to whining in his next tweet blasting Fox News for airing Jamie Weinstein.

I have no idea what he’s talking about.

Wannabe Dictator/Mobster moves on to praise the health of a brutal dictator.

President Liar uses another liar to blast former FBI Director James Comey for lying.

In this next tweet Pants on Fire continues to sow doubts about an upcoming Presidential election.

We move on with President Nutso bagging on Senator Romney from Utah because he failed to beat Obama in 2012.

Always a tweet or more…

July 27th, 2012.

November 4th, 2012.

And because he was then as he is now a flaming narcissistic asshole…

November 8th, 2012.

In this tweet he uses a tweet from August 22nd, to explain that New Mexico can only be “GREAT” if he’s reelected.

Real Clear Politics polling by state only has two Polls for New Mexico in a head to head match-up between Delusional and Biden.

The first poll by PPP (D) was from June 12th and 13th polling 740 registered voters had Biden at 53 percent and Delusional at 39 percent.

The second poll by Albuquerque Journal was from August 26th through September 2nd polling 1123 likely voters had Biden at 54 percent and Delusional holding steady at 39 percent.

But they “will win!”.

With his 13th tweet for Thursday he finally addressed Woodward’s tapes showing that he knew in February that the coronavirus was deadly, effected both young and older people, and that it was worse than the seasonal flu.

There is an ethical question that rises here, however IMO, having slept on it, and still attempting to process the tape that proves we were right, that President Downplayer was doing so on purpose not just because he is stupid, that ethical question is best left for later date.

Right now, the Slime Snake that is our current sitting President who is asking voters for another 4 years of this garbage he is who deserves the blame.

He as President lied to us, for months, lied-denied-and-stuck too it, and that is what cost lives, not Woodward, as the one tape released in February would have changed nothing, beyond no more tapes.

He’d have still downplayed it, he’d have still carried on lying to the American public during a national crisis.

Outraged moves on to outrageously suggest that schools have not been reopened.

On September 6th, the New York Times reported that a Univeristy in Iowa welcomed back thousands of students and now, “Iowa City is a full-blown pandemic hot spot — one of about 100 college communities around the country where infections have spiked in recent weeks as students have returned for the fall semester. Though the rate of infection has bent downward in the Northeast, where the virus first peaked in the U.S., it continues to remain high across many states in the Midwest and South — and evidence suggests that students returning to big campuses are a major factor.”

According to a New York Times review of 203 counties where students make-up at least 10 percent of the population, “about half experienced their worst weeks of the pandemic since Aug. 1. In about half of those, figures showed the number of new infections is peaking right now.”

They report that as of the 6th, Texas A&M added 742 new cases during the last week in August; East Carolina University saw their cases rise above 800 in a week at the end of August; Two Universities about 8 miles apart, Washington State and University of Idaho, have combined totals of 300 infections since early July.

They note that the death rate among college students has not risen.

Why should schools be paid when they are closed? They shouldn’t!

In-person learning or online learning doesn’t matter, a teacher still has to teach, material still most be provided to the student, which means they still have to be paid for.

Also, schools get the majority of their funding from the states that-that school is in, so in frankness, it’s none of his business because he’s with the federal government, not the states government.

President Who Didn’t Want to Panic the American People in his last tweet so far for Thursday try’s to panic the people.


Is Own Hole Digger has tweeted 2 more times, I’m starting with the second one first.

The ad explains how the rioting happening in cities across the country is Biden’s fault, ending the ad is a quote that say’s “only you can stop this new normal. A vote for President Trump is a vote for Law & Order.”

Yes, they as a campaign for the incumbent President are telling us, the voters they want votes from, that he isn’t in charge, Biden is. #Winning.

The other tweet he sent was to announce in order to control the damage of the revelation that he spent months lying to the American people he’ll be having a campaign press briefing at 3 p.m. D.C. time.

I’m not making a new thread for this event, since I already planned a rally thread for later this evening. I will be providing live feeds for this really dumb move below.

Live Feeds.

Fox Business.

Yahoo Finance.

Bloomberg QuickTake News.

In the life is good category, I’m pleased to announce the return of Daniel Dale…

President Panicking is holding a campaign rally this evening.

This post might be updated.

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